Facebook Tips and Tricks you should know

Facebook needs no introduction. The most popular social media website now has over a billion active users and still growing. Facebook has many built in features that make connecting with people an incredible experience. Leverage your Facebook use with these tips and tricks.

 Facebook Tips and Tricks

See every post from friends and make your news feed better

Never miss an update from your friends and clean up your Facebook news feed. Go to your Profile page on Facebook and click on Friends. Any friend who is not marked as a ‘Close Friend’ will not have a star next to their name. Click on the drop-down list next to a user and add them to one of the groups. Repeat for as many friends as you need. You can do the same for acquaintances. You will now see ‘Close Friends’ and ‘Acquaintances’ on the left side of your Facebook homepage. Click on one of these to see every post that they share on Facebook. Comment on and like the updates that are relevant to you and very soon your Facebook news feed will improve to show you the updates you want to see.

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Unfollow someone without un-friending

Unfriending someone on Facebook can have unwanted repercussions. But you can stop seeing updates from them and still message each other. Go to their profile page on the web and then click on following to un-follow. Or you can tap on the arrow in the upper right corner of any update and choose to unfollow the person.

Control who sees your posts

If you want to accept a friend request but not let them see a wacky update, Facebook has a solution. You can hide an update from a specific person or a list. When you are about to post on Facebook, click or tap on the ‘Public’ option followed by ‘Choose Custom’ and then enter a list of people or a person you don’t want to share it with. You can also add users to the ‘Restricted Friend’ list and only these select few friends will be able to see things that you share on Facebook.

Block annoying Facebook users

If you find someone on Facebook who is annoying or harassing you, you can block them. Go to their profile page and click or tap on the three dots to the right. Choose Block to no longer allow them to contact you. If they are harassing you, you should also report them. 

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Make a private Facebook album

You can make any Facebook album private so that only you and people you select are able to view it. To do this, open the album and choose Edit. Go to Privacy control and click on Only Me. This now becomes a private photo album, but you can also restrict the album to a group of friends or family as well.


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