Facebook rolled out voice transcription feature for testing in Messenger

As Facebook constantly makes changes in their website, this time they come up with a feature for Facebook Messenger. Facebook added the feature of voice messages back in 2013 to Facebook Messenger. And this time, similar to the Google Voice transcription feature, Facebook has come up with a feature for voice messages.

facebook messenger-voice

This voice transcription feature in Facebook Messenger is useful in the situation where a user doesn’t want to listen to voice messages. Instead of that user will be able to read the voice messages that you have sent and received with the help of Facebook Messenger voice transcription feature. The voice messages will automatically get converted to text as soon as you receive or send it. The user will have both the options, either to listen or to just read the message.

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However Facebook is testing this feature on a small scale, so if you are lucky enough then you might be able to use this new feature. As this feature is limited to users, it’s not yet declared how long it will take to more widely available to all the Facebook users. Facebook has launched it on a tiny scale because they want to know the response of it and will accordingly plan it further.

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This feature will make users get to know what voice messages actually have without playing it, and will be useful in meetings, workplace or other inconvenient place where the user can’t listen to voice messages. It’s yet to see how this speech-text technology of Facebook is different from Google voice transcription feature and how soon it will be available to all.


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