Facebook testing Photo Magic for Messenger that reminds to send photos to friends

Photo Magic” is a new upcoming feature of Facebook Messenger which will remind you to send friends their pictures using facial recognition.

Sharing photos has always been a means to strengthen the communication while chatting or while remembering things. But in this hectic life and having hundreds of photos in our phones we actually forget a lot of times to share our moments with our friends.

Photo Magic - Messenger new feature
Photo magic facial recognition

Facebook Photo Magic for Messenger

Recently Facebook launched the ‘Moments’ app which recognizes every face in the photos in your entire Camera Roll and makes it more personal and easy to share the photos. But with every share you need to go through the photos and select one that fits you. Now with “Photo Magic”, currently in beta state, Facebook is trying to make your photos with your friends way faster and easier to share.

Facebook Photo Magic for Messenger

The feature when enabled recognizes the faces in the last photo taken and instantly makes it available to share it with the people recognized either with an instant pop-up sending mechanism or the traditional edit and send. The test for the feature has been rolled out in Australia and will be rolling out for iOS later this week. It will be available in the US soon.

What we’ve seen is that private sending of photos in Messenger is really popular. About 9.5 billion photos were sent inside Messenger in the last month

Director of Product Management, Peter Martinazzi said. Enhancing photo sharing experience is a big deal for Facebook considering the competitors like Snapchat which has become a nearly default visual communication app in the younger generation.

Photo Magic for Facebook Messenger
Photo Magic Setting in Messenger

Privacy has never been an issue when it comes to Facebook’s super transparent and customization options when it comes to your personal life. If you don’t want to get recognized by Photo Magic, there is a toggle to do so. Facebook says that if the test rolls out to a lot of people and if they leave the feature on, chances are that they can kick off a conversation just with a photo which is a very rich way to communicate when compared to the core Messenger and other chat apps.

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The primary problem of “friction”, a name given to the delay in sending photos when one has to go through the entire Camera Roll, will be minimized if people use the feature. With Google providing unlimited storage space via Google Photos for your photos and Snapchat having a potential to rule the digital communication market, Facebook’s way of stepping into the battle with rich facial recognition and enhanced machine learning is commendable.

No word has been given on the public release of the update having Photo Magic but we hope it will be available later this month. 


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