Facebook Legacy Contact: Who Can Access Your Account When You Die?

Have you ever thought what will happen to your Facebook account when you die? It may get on the wrong person hands. So it’s better to let someone access your Facebook account after you die and not before that. The feature is provided by the Facebook itself as Facebook legacy contact where the selected contact will manage your account after you die. You can also add trusted contacts to recover your Facebook account.

how to choose Facebook legacy contact for deceased user

This feature of Facebook adds “Remembering” above the dead person’s name on the timeline. The legacy contact can download the posts, photos and timeline content but won’t be able to edit or delete any post. Also, the person cannot access the messages of that account as Facebook consider it as private and cannot be shown to anyone.

How to Choose Someone as Facebook Legacy Contact

You can select any of your Facebook friends as a legacy contact who will be able to access your account after you die. Here is how you can achieve the same.

1) Open your Facebook account on Desktop.

2) Click on the drop down icon at top right and choose Settings.

what happens to your facebook account when you passes away

3) Now, click on Security from left side panel. On the right side, you will see a Legacy Contact option as shown in the picture. Click on Edit.

how to choose someone as facebook legacy conatct

4) From here you can select the Facebook friend by typing the name of the person in the input field and click on Add as shown in the picture.

how can someone manage your Facebook account when you die

How will Facebook get to know that a user died?

As you know that the legacy contact will only be notified once the user passes away. But how does Facebook know that a user died? For that, a family member or a friend can make a memorialization request to Facebook about the person’s death.

1) Open Memorialization Request URL on the browser.

how someone can access Facebook account when person is dead

2) On the request page, input information like “who passes away?”, date and Proof of death(optional) and click on Send button.

How to Set Legacy Contact on Facebook from Mobile

If you are using the Facebook app, whether it is Android or iOS, then also you have the option to set the legacy contact. Here is how you can do it.

1) Open the Facebook App.
2) Tap on the hamburger icon and choose Account Settings.
3) Next, tap on Security Settings and look for the Legacy option.

Legacy contact can only responds to friend requests, pin a post on the timeline or can change profile picture. Also, you do not have to provide login credentials to that person, this feature will intimate the contact once the account becomes memorialized. However, you can send a message to that person to notify him.

Choose someone to manage your Facebook account before it’s too late. Also, you do not have to worry as the legacy contact cannot misuse your Facebook account as they will not have access to everything on your Facebook accounts.

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