Facebook, Google and Apple die – How different will the world be?

Delving into hypotheticals is a fun task. There are assumptions made, creative license taken and Individual thoughts can be shared. For today’s hypothetical post we are getting into the importance of different businesses in the world.

We all know that Facebook, Google and Apple are multi-billion dollar businesses that add value to a spectrum of people. We are also aware that, if something happens to these companies, then there will be repercussions and a lot of value and money would be lost by a lot of people.

What happens if Facebook Apple and Google dies
What happens if Facebook, Apple and Google die

Before we get started on our analysis, let’s make some assumptions and ground rules to give structure to our process of analysis.

Assumption: There are no updates from the company, or a revival scenario.

That is all!


The Social Networking giant dies without any news or any other Information. What happens?

  1. People will immediately storm Twitter and millions of accounts will be opened to hear about the news and demise of Facebook. Twitter’s website will crash because of the overload in traffic.
  2. In a few days time, people will start having withdrawal symptoms and the communication on Whatsapp will increase. People will start making more calls to their friends.
  3. Websites like 9GAG will get more traffic, because of the entertainment factor that has been taken away. 9GAG’s website will crash.
  4. Productivity will briefly increase and people will have more hours in their hands.
  5. People will get out more and meeting friends will become more impactful. Having seeing your friends’ content on a daily basis gives the false effect of being with your friend.
  6. The usefulness of Facebook groups will be lost.
  7. Businesses will save millions of dollars in advertising on a daily basis.
  8. Businesses will save countless hours by not creating content.
  9. The concept of Virality will die because Facebook is the best platform for Virality.
  10. Thousands of Facebook marketers will lose their jobs.
  11. Websites in the entertainment sector will lose a lot of traffic and some will close down because of a lack of traffic.
  12. More money will go towards Google to tap in to the search traffic and the websites will survive.

The bigger picture is, Facebook’s imminent death would not affect the world in a very negative way. People’s moods will get better because of the reduction of excessive content consumption and also people will become happier by not comparing themselves to their friends. The world will survive.


The Search Engine giant dies without any news or any other Information. What happens?

  1. Millions of websites will immediately lose money, in turn making many million-dollar companies bankrupt.
  2. As a result, a lot of people will lose jobs including SEO specialists. The unemployment rate will increase drastically.
  3. The Economy will be impacted.
  4. Innovation will take a hit and Google X’s top projects will shut down. A lot of valuable work that could have advanced humanity will be lost.
  5. Websites like Facebook and Quora will get a boost in traffic. People on Facebook will post quotes and ask questions to their friends more. Social Selling and word to mouth will improve. Businesses will be pushed to be great at customer service because of the change in the way products are bought.
  6. A fierce competition will arise between Quora and Facebook to replace the search giant.
  7. Facebook will immediately change the structure of their website and make the search bar like Google’s. They will initially crowd source the answers for questions people ask.
  8. If Facebook becomes better than Quora, then they will be the Kings of the Internet.
  9. And in many years down the line, Facebook will be the Internet. Mark Zuckerberg will push for an agenda to rename the Internet as Facebook.

Google’s death will have a more clearly economic impact than that of Facebook’s. Facebook’s advertising for a lot of businesses is still an option compare to that of Google’s. Google’s death will also make Facebook a powerhouse and in turn making Mark Zuckerberg the ruler of the Internet.


The Hardware giant dies without any news or any other Information. What happens?

  1. Thousands of App companies will lose shutdown and billions will be wiped out.
  2. Thousands of shareholders will lose a lot of value, and for many who could have retired with the wealth generated from Apple’s stock will lose all their savings and have to start from scratch.
  3. Millions of phones all over the world will become defunct.
  4. Artists(iTunes), Software Developers(Mac Tools) will lose money and may go out of business.
  5. Millions of Android phones will be brought within days, making many Android OEM’s multiple billions within a few weeks.
  6. The cheaper phones in the market will sell better because of the need for an immediate replacement.
  7. Telecom companies will lose a lot of money, temporarily.
  8. Facebook will come up with it’s own phone and OS to compete with Android in order to not let Google control the Mobile market.
  9. Foxconn – The manufacturing unit that manufactures the iPhones will shut down its operations, although temporarily.
  10. People will travel more to meet their friends and family. Fuel consumption will increase.

Apple’s death will have a huge impact in the economy and the stock market and the investors. Apple helped a lot of companies make money, their manufacturers, app developers, artists and more. Android will become the undisputed king, but Facebook will create their own OS.

These are the scenarios we thought would happen when the 3 companies fail. What do you think?

Kishen is a serial entrepreneur and marketer. He started his entrepreneurial journey with a Web Development company called Vanadium. He also has written multiple books on Marketing, Conversion optimization, Facebook marketing and More.


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