Engagermate Review: A Perfect Automation Tool For Your Instagram Page

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When it comes to social media, Instagram is the most talked app and has the second most number of active users after Facebook. For many business accounts, it serves as a tool for marketing their products and services. But a problem that they still struggle with is getting enough traffic on their page.

Even if you have a great Instagram account with good content value and trending niche, it’s sometimes not enough. It doesn’t guarantee the target audience visit on your page. In order to get your page noticed by the target audience, you have to get yourself noticed by using certain methods on Instagram. Those certain methods include following your target users, liking posts that are relevant to your page, even commenting on posts that fall into your target locations.

Doing all that manually takes a lot of time and still doesn’t assure increasing your followers count. To help you with this you have to automate all these tasks so you can focus on other aspects of your business. There are many Instagram tools out there to automate this job and one of the smarter ones is Engagermate. It helps to gain a lot of followers and get maximum engagement on your profile in very less time. In this article, we have given our honest review of Engagermate based on our usage and explained how it works.

Engagermate Review: What Is Engagermate?Engagermate Review: FEATURES

Engagermate is an automation tool for Instagram that helps to gain tons of Instagram followers by increasing your engagement with the target audience. With Engagermate you don’t have have to do certain things manually and here is the list of few things that it does on behalf of you.

  • Auto like hundreds of photos of users that fall in your targeted audience. The target is set on the basis of hashtags and locations that you provide.
  • Auto follows the accounts of users that are interested in your niche.
  • Follow and like the content of the users who follows your competitor’s profile.
  • Follow users who recently liked your competitor’s post.
  • Unfollow inactive accounts or accounts that don’t follow you back.

That is not all that Engagermate does, there are many additional features and functionalities packed into it that you will know later in this post.

Key Features Of Engagermate

1. Direct Message And Welcome MessageAuto DM ENGAGERMATE

This feature lets you set different custom messages that will be automatically sent to the new user that follows you. Your custom message will be sent the private DM’s of the new follower. The key is to set at least 4 different custom messages to avoid Instagram’s algorithm to recognize it as spam. The limit is 20 messages/day and the messages will be randomized between your 4 set options. This is a good way of creating a close connection with your followers and forming a lasting impression.

2. Track Your Account StatsTrack ENGAGEMENT

This is a feature that tells you who your last 7 follows and likes were, with the description and the time stamp. The last likes and follows will be the ones that were executed by Engagermate. If you have activated the unfollow feature, then you will also know who your last unfollows were.

The other aspect of this feature is keeping track of how your account is doing in terms of engagement and followers. For example, when you establish certain hashtags to engage it tells you how much contribution a hashtag is doing in bringing you likes and followers to your account. This way you could also get rid of hashtags that are not doing a lot for your account.

3. AI Learning

Engagermate determines where your followers are coming from and what kind of content they like most. By learning their preference it allows you to engage with a similar type of people. It also automatically follows and likes accounts that are similar to your followers.

4. Integration With Mobile AppMOBILE INTEGRATION

Once you have signed up in a cloud-based web app, then you can control and view your accounts activities on iOS and Android via Engagermate app. It is a good method for viewing your real-time progress just from your phone. You can also make changes from your phone instead of visiting the web page.

How Does Engagermate Work/How To Use It?

Before starting the engagement with other profiles you have to provide some competitor usernames, hashtags, and locations that are relevant to your niche. Engagermate will start following profiles and liking pictures based on your provided information. It is obvious that when you follow some people and like their picture, you are going to get some in return. The thing is you don’t have to do everything. You just have to specify certain things and let the tool do the heavy lifting. Here is a stepwise list of things that you need to specify before and how you can specify.

1. Speed of the engagement: First, you need to decide and choose between Beginner, Slow, Medium or Fast. This determines how fast you want the software to engage with the target profiles. Now the fast option will follow more people and like more number of pictures than a beginner one. Now depending on the engagement that you want you can decide the speed. You can unfollow them at once afterward if they don’t follow you back.

2. Setup hashtags: You need to provide a set of hashtags that are related to your niche. For example, if you have an Instagram account for your food blog then you need to some popular hashtags such as #foodie #foodgram etc. This way the tool follow and like the people who use those hashtags in their posts.HASHTAGS

3. Specify Username: The next thing you need to do is specify few usernames of competitor accounts. The usernames should have an Instagram account similar to yours. By doing this Engagermate will follow their recent followers and people who liked their latest post.

4. Add locations: By adding locations, the tool will start engaging with accounts that have recently tagged those locations in their posts. For example, if you review food from certain restaurants in town then you have to add those restaurant locations.LOCATION

In the end, you just have to specify a few minor things such as like only latest posts or minimum and maximum followers of the user to follow, minimum and maximum likes a post should have to like, etc. After that, you just sit back, relax and let Engagermate do all the work and check the real-time status of your account.

Pricing And PlansPRICING Engagermate

During the launch week, it started with a plan of $47/ month with no hidden cost involved. But if you want it now then you could grab it at $67/month. The price could go up even more considering the demand for the product and boom on Instagram. The current monthly package includes VIP Facebook group, dedicated IP address, proxy, and VIP training on Instagram.

They offer 14 days money back guarantee. So you can try their service for 14 days and decide to not continue using for whatever reasons. Then you will get your full amount back. If that’s not enough then they also offer to double your money back if you use it for 60 days and doesn’t see any change in your account.

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Final Words

From actual implementation reviews that we learned from some reliable sources, we can assure you that the web app for Engagermate works exactly as it is mentioned on their website. The user interface of the mobile app is rather simple and syncs to your account activity in real-time. The price tag of $67 is a little too steep for someone who is looking for a budget tool. But rest assured it is a very effective tool that proves its price’s worth.

Do we recommend it? Yes, you should absolutely buy Engagermate if you are looking for something like this. Use it for 14 days and ask for money back if for any reason don’t think its really your scene. After researching it on various platforms and getting positive feedback, this was our take on the Engagermate tool. I hope our Engagermate review will help to determine whether or not you want to use it for your Instagram account. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions, we would love to answer any of your queries.

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