How to Enable LED Flash for Alerts on iPhone

Vibrate mode is a great way to keep yourself alerted about the incoming calls and notifications without distracting other people at work/public place. iOS allows you to set different vibration mode for specific contacts or even create your own custom vibration pattern. But what if you have set your phone to silent mode and still want to get alerted somehow? Apple has a solution for this situation. LED Flash at the back of the iPhone can give you visual notifications by flickering on incoming calls or other push notifications. In this tutorial, we take you through how you can turn on LED Flash for Alerts on iPhone.

Enable LED Flash for Alerts on iPhone

Turn on LED Flash for Alerts on iPhone

1. Open Settings app and tap on General.

2. Under General, select Accessibility.

Enable Flash Notifications on iPhone

3. Next, swipe to the bottom of the screen and tap on LED Flash for Alerts under Hearing section.

4. Now, toggle LED Flash for Alerts to On.

Turn on LED Flash for Alerts on iOS device

With this, the LED will flash every time you get an incoming call or a new push notification when your iPhone is locked.

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Enable Flash Notifications in Silent Mode for Calls and Push Notifications

Only enabling the above setting will not give flash notifications when the ringer switch is set to silent. If you want to get LED flash alerts even in Silent mode then toggle Flash on Silent to ON.

Turn on Flash Notifications in Silent Mode on iPhone

This new setting for Silent mode is introduced in iOS 10. For it to work, the LED Flash for Alerts option should be enabled.

Now, you will also get Flash notifications when your iPhone is in silent mode for incoming calls, messages and other notifications.

Please keep in mind that the Flash uses the most amount of battery power so enable LED alerts only when you really need them. Otherwise be prepared to see your battery drain rapidly.

You can disable flash notifications whenever desired from the same location but toggling Off LED Flash for Alerts this time around.

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We hope that you were able to get this setting working on your iOS device. If you found the information useful then please share the article on social media.


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