Enable Guest Browsing In Chrome

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Ever had any lousy roommates, friends or even a stranger who logged you out of your Gmail account just because they needed to use your computer for sending mail? Or maybe they wanted to use their Facebook for a while and now you end up with their mess on your computer. Their accounts are logged in, their cookies and bookmarks are all over your browser.

The problem you face with this situation is you might not want to access their saved passwords, cookies or bookmarks and vice-versa. Sure, you can create a new Windows guest account to get privacy from everything, but that would require you to do so much work. In order to help you with this predicament, Google Chrome has come up with an option of guest browsing. In this mode, the websites or pages you visit will not appear on your browsing history and no cookies or passwords will be saved on your browser. And here’s how you will enable guest mode in Chrome on Windows or macOS.

Enable Guest Mode In Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome browser and click on the profile picture thumbnail on the top right.

Note: Your profile picture will only appear if you have already logged into your browser.Open Guest Window Chrome


2. Once you have clicked on the icon, the user management menu will appear, click on Open Guest window.

3. Then you will be redirected to a new window that says “You’re browsing as a Guest“.

Enable Guest Browsing ChromeKeep in mind that anything you open and browse in this mode won’t appear in your browsing history and everything except your downloaded files will be gone once you close the guest window.

4. Go ahead and start using the browser without having any privacy concerns.Guest Browsing Chrome

Alternate Method

1. Click on the 3 dots icon near your profile picture on the top right and go to Settings.Chrome Settings

2. In settings under the People section, click on Manage other people.Manage other people Chrome

3. Once you have done that, you will be redirected to a new window. Here you can click on Browse as Guest.Browse as guest Chrome mac Windows

There is no guest mode on Android and iPhone/iPad so the only way to go is using the Incognito mode instead.

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Disable Guest Mode In Chrome

Once you’re finished with browsing, click on the guest icon on the top right to open the user management menu.disable guest browsing Choose the Exit Guest option from the menu.

exit guest chromeYou can either do this or close the window completely after you’re done. The steps are the same for Windows and Mac users.

Difference Between Guest And Incognito Mode

Now looking from the usage, Guest mode and Incognito mode almost looks the same as they allow the user to browse the internet without saving any data or information. But they have certain differences which make both the modes different.

In the Guest mode, the users do not have the access to save or change any browsers or profile settings excluding the search engine. And they also won’t be able to see the history or other activities of the primary user on that system or desktop. This is for keeping the data privacy of the primary users or you can say the main user whose accounts and other details are used in the Chrome browsers. To simplify, the Guest mode allows other users to use the browser without the ability to change the settings or to see browsing details of the main user.

While in Incognito mode, the user can see the browsing history, change the settings and access other information of the primary user on Chrome browsers while still browsing privately.

In a nutshell, the Guest mode can be used by someone else on your computer for personal browsing while Incognito can be used by you for browsing privately with the ability to access the saved information at the same time.

Need For Guest Mode

Well as the Guest Mode provides a new profile to the users, this can be helpful in many cases. For instance, you are not the only person who uses your computer, then you can enable Guest mode. Or you use a computer on any public places like cyber cafes, offices, or any other places where the system is used by multiple users.

It will allow other users to use the browser and all your personal data and other profile settings will not only be safe but hidden from others. You can be sure that your browser is secured from being sabotaged or losing any settings that you have made on your profile settings.

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So if you’re not the only one who uses your computer then using this method you can temporarily set a guest profile for them. This method will not only keep your logins intact but also provide you with a sense of privacy from your snoopy friends. I personally used it when my sister did window shopping on one of the e-commerce sites that use auto suggestions on my computer and I didn’t want the weird shopping suggestion on my web pages. Let us know your experience with the guest mode in Chrome in the comment section below.

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