Earn Health Insurance By Wearing Special Activity Tracker

How would you feel on earning $1.50 a day toward your health insurance? Let’s go a little extra, say $1,400 annually? Yes you heard it right! You can now actually earn your health insurance by wearing a “special activity”. Sounds weird though, it’s a simple fact!

So what’s the catch?

You simply have to wear a special activity tracker that is exclusively designed to monitor the physical indicators, “intensity” levels and obviously the steps taken for a better health. Launched by the UnitedHealthcare, a leading (second largest) US health insurance provider, this is surely a perfect sui generis in its very format. The program is aimed at increasing mass awareness for physical fitness. The incentive of earning health insurance is surely a massive boost toward achieving success. According to the UnitedHealthcare, the program is aimed at the employers and employees both.

health insurance by wearing tracker

Introducing the Trio Tracker

The Trio Tracker or the wearable special activity device is introduced in partnership with Qualcomm, “a game-changer.” It’s not been long since the device is introduced, but the idea is surely selling as a hot cake. A significant number of US employers are working on insuring the health of its employees in order to provide a holistic security. The “wellness’ program introduced by Trio Tracker is precise and result-oriented. And it is surely encouraging healthier lifestyles, sources said.

The Trio Tracker- Interest Quotient

The Trio Tracker is squeezed with a variety of features that are literally quite motivating. The most interesting is the one which says that those who will log into the device the maximum times on a daily basis will be able to collect $1 million for local non-profit organizations. The activity itself is termed as “gamification” by the company.

The Criticisms

Though the new program launched by Trio Tracker is already a huge success, several criticisms tend to follow its way. Questions were raised about the private data that are being fetched and stored by the insurers. It’s been claimed by the critics that the security of the users is at stake.

However, it’s been claimed at the end of the UnitedHealthcare, that the Trio Tracker is absolutely compliant with the US privacy regulations. Hence, nothing personal including the health data won’t be disclosed to any third party.

However, keeping all the criticisms at bay, Trio Tracker is being extensively used in the US, says the reports. Over the past few years there’s been an increased focus on the incentive-based health insurance to meet the Obamacare goals.


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