E3 2016 : Sony announces myriad of games and PS VR release date

At E3 this year, Sony was stuck to the idea of “seeing is believing” since it demoed each and every release from the starting till the end which of course allowed the games speak for themselves rather than some representative filling in the details. Sony declared the PlayStation VR release date which is this October 13th. The crowd was excited with the live orchestra and the games going in together which absolutely made the event happening apart from the awesome bunch of titles released for the holiday season and the coming year.

E3 2016 : Sony Press Conference

All in all, Sony released around 20 big titles and we can’t wait to tell you about them. So let’s get started with the most awaited ones.

E3 2016 Sony Press Conference

1. God of War 4

The first demo was from the newest installment to the God of War series, the God of War 4 which packs an awesome universe and wonderful gameplay with a strong story and a cute kid! The God of War series is already a legendary one and this new version will absolutely stand up to the standards people have already achieved. Here’s the E3 God of War 4 gameplay.

2. Days Gone

This new zombie survival is much more than cursing and killing the dead. The conference featured the extended gameplay of Days Gone in the end which was absolutely badass and a little frightening. Zombie lovers will love this game for the character’s real behavior when zombies are around, i.e. cursing and escaping from the dead. You can an idea from the trailer right below.

3. The Last Guardian

This fantasy game is built on the relationship between kid and beasts which as we are expecting will build some kind of emotional attachments to fight against the bad beasts using some puzzles or mini games. The overall idea seems like this and the child is the only hope as he might be the last guardian of the humankind. The game has a release date of October 25 this year.

4. Horizon: Zero Dawn

“The world of the old ones ended ages ago. The masters of the new one are the machines. A young woman seeks to uncover the secrets of the earth” Based on this theme, Horizon: Zero Dawn allows you to be that woman travelling this open world title leaving her tribe behind. The E3 promotional gameplay was very “mechanical” where the character deals with the corrupted machines to reach her goal and you can even override the corrupted ones to use them for your advantage.

5. Detroit: Become Human

Last year we saw the announcement of this title at the Paris Games Week and we were so eagerly waiting for the release because this game is you. The story changes according to your personal gameplay and allows us to change the beginning, middle and the end as we saw in the E3 gameplay last night.

6. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard

This new instalment to the Resident Evil series comes to the PS4 with full VR experience too. The E3 gameplay was so realistic and to be frank I felt a little nauseous of the creepiness and the in game audio. Resident Evil has always been one of my favorites and we can’t wait for its official release on January 24, 2017.

7. Death Stranding

This game is from Kojima Productions and the name is enough. From the mastermind behind the Metal Gear series, Death Stranding is the new title starring Norma Reedus from Walking Dead and yeah the trailer got me goosebumps because we already know that the game is going to be awesome because its Kojima. Fingers crossed.

8. Spiderman

Yes, our favorite superhero (well at least mine) is coming again to the gaming world with more action and drama this year. The only thing that twitched my eye was the white spider on his suit but what the heck. The game is in development for the PS4.

The list goes on with the following titles exclusive to the PlayStation VR which will be available in the United States for $399. More than 50 titles are already playable in the virtual reality world some of which are below.

9. Farpoint

10. Star Wars Battlefront : X-Wing VR Mission

11. Batman Arkham VR

12. Final Fantasy XV : VR Experience

13. COD Infinite Warfare

A few of the many more games which will be coming to the PlayStation 4 in the coming months are as follows:

14. COD Modern Warfare Remastered

15. Crash

16. Skylanders Imaginators

17. Lego Star Wars the Force Awakens

The orchestra was amazing and the announcements were mind boggling. Although we saw some of them at the Paris Games Week but we are thrilled to get our hands on with the final releases. This was Sony at E3 2016.


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