E3 2016: All that was released at Ubisoft’s Conference

This year’s E3 marked a great success for Ubisoft as there were a lot of games announced ranging from action to fun to drama. The event kick started with the people dancing in fancy outfits and the host joking her life away, well not literally. Of course there were awesome announcements and a sneak peek into Assassin’s Creed movie. Let’s dig into it.

1. Just Dance 2017

The event started with the people dancing to the introduction of the Just Dance 2017. For those who don’t know Just Dance is a competitive game involving dancing routines which detect your motion to calculate scores. The new release will be the eighth title in the series and includes over 40 tracks from artists like Sia, Justin Bieber, Queen, etc.

2. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

This is an open world shooting game requiring sophisticated tactics as the promotional gameplay included strategy packed target acquisition and intelligence collection. This new Ghost Recon is the largest world that has ever been built by Ubisoft and the co-op playing seemed totally awesome with choppers, big open world and realistic strategies. So why not eliminate the Mexican drug cartel and feel awesome? The game has a release date of March 7, 2017.

3. South Park: The Fractured but Whole

Another game from the crazy creators of South Park and we can’t wait to play it not just to enjoy the gameplay which revolves around making a multi-billion dollar business using superhero franchise packed with infinite insults, swearing and crazy punchlines. Isn’t that what we want after all its South Park? Beware Kanye because we know you are coming again.

4. Eagle Flight VR

Announced last year, this title at this year’s E3 blew out minds with the awesome Oculus gameplay. You fly as an eagle and compete against others in teams to win matches and collect points. The design was awesome and the gameplay was extraordinarily inclusive.  The game has been designed exclusively for the virtual reality experience. Here is the promotional gameplay.

5. Star Trek: Bridge Crew

We all love Star Trek and no matter how many redundant games or television experiences we just can’t get enough. This time it’s completely on the VR platform and everything is inside it including talking to the team mates and handling the ships. This is a pure VR game and thanks to the developers for choosing Star Trek as their initial target. The game will be available on all the VR platforms and will be released this fall.

6. For Honor

Still seems like a legendary game as last year’s E3 involving Vikings with drama and deception surrounding the story. The trailer seemed quite a conspiracy theory with wars and fights involving blood bath and strategies. The gameplay was very good and the depth in the game will surely make the players stick to their gaming gear.

7. Watch Dogs 2

The story seemed like that of the television drama Mr. Robot where there is a secret society hacking their lives away to disrupt the modern America. Play as a hacker and manipulate people, technology including drones (yeah!!! ) and even automobiles to get your way clear and reach your goals in the beautiful San-Francisco bay area.

8. Steep

This particular title is for the people who have a relationship with snowy adventures from skiing and parachuting to wingsuit flying. The terrain is tough but the world is beautiful. The gameplay showed beautiful sky and mountains and different sports which can be played with goals and multiplayer challenges. Take a look.

Ubisoft also showed us behind the scenes from the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie and also announced the future release of Watch Dogs motion picture.


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