How to Download YouTube Playlist, All or Specific Videos on PC and Mac

Last Updated: February 8, 2017

If you wish to download YouTube playlist at once without manually downloading each or particular videos then this tutorial is going to help you in achieving that. I will mention two methods out of which one will include YouTube playlist downloader online tools that can be used by Mac/PC users. The second method includes a free software which can be used by Windows users on their PC.

Download YouTube Playlist Videos

In the past, we have shared quite a few ways to download YouTube videos. If you are interested in individual videos and not playlists then you can go through the following articles.

1. Best way to download YouTube Videos directly

2. Download YouTube Videos on Android Phone

3. Download YouTube videos using VLC Player or Chrome Extension

All these methods work fine to download individual YouTube videos but what if you want to download all the videos from YouTube playlist? You can use the above methods and download each video in the playlist individually. But it seems like a mundane task and will eat up a lot of your time.

So, let us have a look at the tools which can help you download YouTube playlist videos at once.

Method 1: Download YouTube Playlist Using Free Software

You can use this method if you are on Windows otherwise skip to the second method.

Actually, it is a freemium software by the name of 4K Video Downloader. The free features of the software are good enough to download YouTube videos from the playlists.

1. To get started, download the software from the following link.

2. Installation is as simple and easy as it can get. After the installation, launch it.

3. Now, open YouTube on the browser and go the channel page of the desired playlist and select the Playlists tab.

Under Playlists, click on the desired Playlist.

4.  Next, copy the Playlist URL from the address bar after selecting the playlist.

YouTube Playlist Downloader Online Free

5. Go back to the 4K Video Downloader software. Click on Paste Link at the top left corner followed by Download Playlist.

Download YouTube Playlist Videos on Windows

The software will automatically pick up the URL from the clipboard and start extracting videos from the Playlist URL.

If the number of videos in the playlist is more than 25  then you need to upgrade to premium version. For playlists with less than 25 videos, you shouldn’t have any issues with the free version.

6. Wait for the extraction and parsing to complete. After that, you will see a window with all the videos from the playlist listed. You can even uncheck videos if you want to download certain videos from YouTube playlist.

7. After selecting the videos, you can select if you only want the audio. This means you can use this tool to download YouTube videos as MP3 too.

Select the Quality and the location your PC to save the downloaded playlist videos.

Finally, click on Download.

Download Certain Videos From YouTube Playlist

Depending on the number of videos and your internet speed, the videos from the YouTube playlist will be downloaded to your PC at the selected location.

Let’s get to the second method.

Method 2: YouTube Playlist Downloader Free Online Tools

There are many online tools to download YouTube videos. On trying out a few of them, I found the following two tools best to download YouTube playlists.

Tool 1: 

1. Copy the URL of the desired YouTube playlist by going to the Channel Page of the playlist. On Channel page, select Playlists tab and click on the desired playlist. Now, copy the URL of the playlist from the address bar.

2. Next, Go to the following link.

3. Paste the YouTube playlist link in the text box and click on Download.

4. The tool will extract all the videos from the playlist and list them. You can simply click on Download as video button under each video to download them.

Download YouTube playlist on PC/Mac

Tool 2: YouTube Multi Downloader

1. The first step remains the same as tool 1(Copy the Playlist URL).

2. Go to YouTube Multi downloader playlist downloader tool by clicking here.

3. Paste YouTube playlist link in the text area next to Playlist Link and click Download. Actually, it extracted the videos without clicking on Download.

4. All the videos will be listed. You can click on MP4 702p button beside each video in order to download them.

Download YouTube playlist Online

We hope that these methods helped you to download YouTube playlists videos at once without having to download them manually one at a time.

Do share your experience with these or any other tools you might have used to download YouTube videos from the playlists.

Which tool do you like the most? Let us know in the comments.


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