How To Download Your WhatsApp Account Information Or Data

Similar to Instagram, WhatsApp has also rolled out an update that allows you to request and download your account information. This information will also let you know the information WhatsApp has collected about you. But please note that this data won’t contain your messages. If you are looking to export your chat history then you can email your conversations for that purpose. The recent feature is named “Request account info” and this guide explains how you can find and use it to download your WhatsApp account information.

The option is now made available for both Android and iPhone after it was initially rolled out only in the beta version. We have used the screenshots from the WhatsApp for Android beta version – v2.18.120 in this tutorial.

Now, let’s get to the method, shall we?

Download Your WhatsApp Account Information

1. Open WhatsApp and go to Settings. In order to do so, tap on 3 dots at the top right and select Settings.

2. Under Settings, tap on Account.

Download your WhatsApp account information

3. Here you should find Request account info. Tap on it.

4. Next, tap on Request report.

How to Request WhatsApp account info

That’s all you need to do request your WhatsApp account information. WhatsApp mentions that it takes up to 3 days to prepare your data or report. After requesting the report, it showed 1-day waiting time for us. However, we got the report in less than an hour.

5. Once your report is ready, you will receive a notification for the same. You can easily find your report under – Settings > Account > Request account info. Now, you can simply tap on Download report.

Download and Export WhatsApp account information

6. After that, use the Export report button to email the downloaded file or share it somewhere else.

Here’s the list of items you will find in your report.

  • Profile Picture
  • About
  • Groups
  • WhatsApp Contact Numbers
  • Settings – Privacy Settings and Blocked numbers

As the data is confidential, you will get only a few weeks to download the requested data. So, make sure you export it before it expires.

We hope that this feature soon makes it to the official version of the app for both Android and iPhone. If you are in the beta version then you are in luck as you can download your WhatsApp account information right away.

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