How to Download Paid Android Apps For Free

In this article, we bring to you several ways to get or download paid Android Apps for free. If you are looking to get your hands on premium apps without leaving a hole in your pocket then these are the methods you should follow.

Install Paid Android Apps for free

Things have developed manifold in all the technology-driven spheres in the last few decades. The rate and level of growth have brought a clean air of awe amongst the people using them. When mobile communication devices came into being a few decade ago, it was considered one of the biggest leaps in the technological world.

Just when everyone thought that there can’t be anything bigger a leap in this regard, Android came in to prove the speculations erroneous. The rise of this operating system can be considered as a meteoric one to the say the least. The sheer usage numbers have shown a steep rise in the past half decade and thus have the number of application software available for the Android-driven devices.

Get Paid Android Apps For Free

While most of the apps for Android are available for free, there are a fair number of apps whose subscription comes with a price. Users try to attain the best deal in the app market as well. Heavy users always seem to be scavenging for methods that could allow them to acquire the required apps for the least and more favorably no payment.

Here are enlisted few of the ways to get paid apps for free in Android.

By Using Certain Apps

There are several apps that give the user access to several directories having versions of several paid apps. This is the most frequently used method by the Android users to get Android free apps. Some of the most prominent apps used for this purpose include Blackmart Alpha, 1Mobile Market, Mobogenie Market and GetAPK.

By Downloading .apk Files From the Internet

There are some websites like APKPure that offer the .apk extension of several paid apps for free. The user has to download the extension file from internet and then transfer it to their device. While this works in most of the cases, several cases of restricted access for usage have been recorded in this method.

Download Paid Apps for Free in Android

Google’s Free Play Store Credit

Google has its own rewards program which is run using Google Opinion Rewards app. Once the app is downloaded, the user gets to answer some reviews accounted to him. Many of these reviews will end up in crediting the account of the Google Play credit. This credit can be redeemed to get free Android apps from the Google Play Store.

Amazon Underground

Amazon has upgraded its ‘Free app for the day’ program with Amazon Underground. It offers a wide index of paid apps for free in Android. Amazon pays the developer using some unconventional payment strategy but that is not the headache at the user’s level; after all what actually matters is getting a paid app for free in this case.

Get Paid Android Apps for free

App Sale Platforms

There are several app platforms like AppSales that offer apps for massive discounts and even free at times. These can be used by the users to get free apps at times.

Android app market is a growing market and is likely to keep its pace of growth upside for the coming years. The heavy users who do not wish to pay for the apps can use any of the above methods to attain the required app for free.

If you found the techniques helpful, then share it on social media. Which method do you use to install paid apps for free on Android?


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