How to Download Chrome Plugins CRX Files Without Letting them Install Automatically

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Chrome is the first choice browser for most of the users. It is mainly because of its amazing features, handy extensions and apps. Chrome browser has made our browsing experience great and smooth. They have tried to automate as many tasks as possible to help users save time. One such time-saving operation is the automatic installation of the Chrome extensions. As you might have noticed on clicking the Add to Chrome button the CRX file is downloaded and installed automatically once the download completes. But what if you need the CRX file of the extension? There can be multiple reasons you might want it which we discuss below along with two methods to download Chrome extensions CRX file on your PC/Mac.

Download Chrome Extensions CRX Files

Benefits of Downloading CRX File

Downloading CRX file of a Chrome extension from their web store can be useful if you wish to install the plugin on another computer with no Wi-Fi/internet access. You can easily transfer the CRX file to the desired PC and add it to Chrome browser offline. Another advantage of having the CRX file is that it is possible to extract the code from it. The code will be like golden nuggets for a beginner who is trying to learn or starting with Chrome extensions development.

Download Chrome Extensions CRX File

Whenever you add a Chrome plugin, it is installed automatically. To overcome this and download it to your PC you may use either of the two methods mentioned below.

Method 1: Using Chrome Extension

Add the Get CRX extension from the following link.

This Chrome plugin allows downloading of CRX files without installing them.

After Get CRX is added successfully, go the desired extension on the Chrome web store. Right click anywhere on the web store page and select Get CRX of this extension. Your PC may give a warning of a harmful file. Click Continue.

Download Chrome Plugins CRX Files

Don’t bother, the plugin will only download and not be installed.

Yes, it is as simple as that to download Chrome extensions CRX file.

Let us get to the second method to give you more options.

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Method 2: Chrome Trick

1. Go to that particular extension on the Chrome web store which you want to download.

2. Now, we are interested in the ID of the extension which is unique. The id can be easily identified by the URL of the extension and is at the end. Let me explain with an example.

If the extension URL is –

then the id of the plugin is – mdanidgdpmkimeiiojknlnekblgmpdll

3. Once, you have the id, add it to the following URL.

You need to replace the id of the extension with the PLUGIN_ID in the URL above.

In this case, the URL becomes –

4. Copy this URL(in your case just the id will differ), open a new tab in your browser. Paste this link and hit Enter.

The extension CRX file will download and not installed. Similarly, using these methods you can download any Chrome plugin available on the web store.

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These were two easy methods you can use to effortlessly download Chrome extension CRX file. Do share the article if you think it adds value and would help others.

Which method will you go for? Share your experiences in the comments.

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