How to Download All Photos/Videos From Instagram Gallery Post

Last Updated: November 25, 2017

Instagram introduced album posts on their platform earlier this year(2017). It allowed users to add multiple photos and videos in a single post. These posts come in handy to upload all the photos/videos from a particular event/trip in one post rather than annoying your followers by flooding their feed with multiple posts. Now, similar to downloading posts with individual photo/video users are looking to save all the photos from Instagram album post. We have got a lot of queries like this one where Instagrammers are facing an issue while downloading all the photos. To put an end to all the confusion we are here with this tutorial. Here you will learn how to download all photos/videos from Instagram gallery post.

Most of the users are complaining that they can only download the first photo in the album post. But here’s how you can save all of them.

Download All Photos/Videos From Instagram Gallery Post

You need to use Instagram on your PC/Mac for this purpose. We will be using Chrome browser on Mac in this guide.

1. Open Instagram website and log in to your account.

2. Go to the desired gallery post and click on it. The photo/video will open in a new pop-up window. Right click on it and select Inspect.

Save all photos from gallery post on Instagram

3. Doing this will open up a developer console window on the web page. The location of it will depend on your dock settings. You need to expand the div tag which is just above the highlighted div tag by clicking on the small right arrow to it’s left.

Download all photos from Instagram album post

4. The expanded div tag will have an src field. Double click on it and use Ctrl+C on your keyboard to copy photo/video URL in the src field.

Save all photos or videos from Instagram single post

5. Open a new tab and paste the URL copied in the step above. Hit Enter.

6. When the photo/video loads in the new tab you can right click on it and select Save Image As… or Save Video As…

Download all photos if they are in a album instagram

7. Now to save the second photo/video in the post you need to open it first. Click on the post section and you’ll see a right arrow. Click on it to go to the second image.

Download all photos from instagram posts if it has more than one photo

8. After the second photo is opened, copy the URL in the src field and once you have that repeat steps 5 and 6 above.

download all photos/videos from instagram gallery post

You can observe that the URL’s are different for the first and second photo. Similarly, you can use the right arrow again to go to other photos/videos in the post to get their URL from the src tag.

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We hope that you were able to download all photos/videos from Instagram gallery post. If you are still facing any issues you can drop a comment to let us know.



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