DA158 Active Noise Canceling Headphones Review

This is not the first time and definitely not the last when we will be reviewing an audio accessory from dodocool. In this article, we got something really special and mind-blowing for you. This time around its headphones from dodocool. Here, we provide the dodocool active noise canceling headphones review to let you know how awesome they are and what are its disadvantages.

When I received these headphones they made a very good first impression. And when I used them for a few days, I was totally blown away by its features. In this review, I have listed all of them.

So, let’s dive into the review.

dodocool DA158 Headphones Review

The headphones are modeled DA158. Here’s what you will find with the package.


dodocool 2-in-1 Wireless headphones unboxing

  • Hard Case for carrying the headphones.
  • 2-in-1 Wireless Headphones.
  • 3.5mm AUX Cable
  • 1 Micro USB
  • Instruction Manual

Now, let us get to the features.

Key Features

1. 2-in-1 Function

This is one of the features that I liked the most. These headphones are primarily wireless but you can also use them as wired headphones. It has a 3.5mm jack which supports AUX mode. Not only wireless headphones after all!

Wireless function works similar to any other headphone via Bluetooth. Any device having Bluetooth can connect to the headphone.

2. Active Noise Cancellation

The headphones support ANC function which blocks 90% of the ambient noise. When the headphones are charged you can enable the ANC mode using the ANC switch on the headphone.

dodocool Wireless headphones ANC mode

With this, you will be able to listen to music at low volume even in noisy places without any distractions. The headphones also have ANC microphones that also cut out the ambient sounds while you are on a call.

3. Multi-Device Connection

This is another rare feature that headphones support. You can connect these headphones wirelessly via Bluetooth to two devices at once. Quite unique this one.

The feature helps you save time by avoiding unnecessary pairing process when you want to play music from another device of yours.

4. Ease Of Use

Each side of headphone is marked with L and R to help you easily identify which side goes where. Apart from that, it has all the controls like adjusting volume, picking and ending a call, skip or go back to the previous track.

dodocool Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

5. Comfortable

They are over-ear headphones which means that the soft padding of the headphone sits around your ear rather than on the ear. But if you are using them for hours then you might feel numbness in ears. Also, they have an adjustable headband giving you a perfect fit.

It is now time to look at the pros and cons.


  • Good battery backup. It works up to 17 hours after a full charge. Also, turns off automatically after 10 minutes of no connection hence saving battery.
  • The Wired mode doesn’t require any battery. This implies that you can use the headphones in wired mode with low or even without any battery. Amazing, eh!
  • Headphones are highly portable as they are foldable and compact.
  • Highly compatible and can work with a smartphone, laptop, tablet or any Bluetooth enabled device.


There isn’t much that I don’t like about this headphone. I can say that the bass is not that strong when compared to headphones like Beats Solo 2 but that would be unfair. As the price of these headphones is 1/3rd of Solo 2. And Solo 2 isn’t even Wireless.

Final Verdict

2-in-1 Wireless Headphones from dodocool are priced at $75.99. However, they are running a discount until March 30th, 2018 and you can grab them for USD 63.21. For coupon code click here and use it while checking out on Amazon.

If you are looking for wireless headphones with useful features and reasonable price then your search should end here. With an added wired mode and noise cancellation, it is one of the best headphones you can get at that price. You can purchase them on Amazon by clicking on the button below.

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