dodocool Portable Humidifier Review (DH 07) – Fit For Room, Car Or Office

A humidifier is one of the useful health gadgets that remove impurities and adds moisture to the indoor air. Now, you might be thinking why would you need a humidifier. Here’s the thing – In winters the air becomes super dry as it is deprived of moisture. Moreover, the air conditioners in summers decrease the humidity and kill all the moisture making the air dry. The problem with dry air is that it can cause some serious problems to your skin, nose, throat and chest. To overcome this, you can simply use a Humidifier which will add the required moisture to your room, office or car keeping you healthy. In this article, we are going to share dodocool Portable Humidifier review to let you know its features and help you decide whether to buy it or not.

dodocool Portable Humidifier Review

This Humidifier from dodocool is modeled DH07. It is a cool mist humidifier which means that it will not change the temperature of your room or surroundings. Cool mist humidifier doesn’t add any extra heat and only increases the humidity.

dodocool portable Humidifier

Let us dive into the details now.

Package Contents

  • 1 dodocool Cool Mist Humidifier
  • Cotton Bar ( There’s already one inside the Humidifier)
  • 1 Micro USB Cable
  • Instruction Manual

dodocool Humidifier DH07 unboxing

Top Features

1. Mist Modes

The humidifier comes with two mist modes – continuous and intermittent mode.

In continuous mode, it keeps on spraying mist at 30 ml/hour. The mode is indicated by a blue light and the humidifier should not be used for more than 3 hours when in this mode.

When the device is in the intermittent mode the LED light indicator turns red. In this mode, it sprays mist and pauses for 10 seconds. The humidifier can be used for up to 7 hours in intermittent mode.

It possible to switch modes using the power button at the top of the device.

2. Whisper Quiet

It won’t disturb you a bit as it is very quiet(less than 50 dB). Hence, you can get a sound sleep or work without any distracting sounds with fresh air.

3. Water Leakage Protection

The electrical part of the humidifier is separated from the water cup which provides for water leakage protection and safe functioning. But please note that it is only protected within 90 degrees.

dodocool cool mist Humidifier

4. Water Level Sensor

It comes with water level sensor that turns off the humidifier when it detects water level below safe water level. So, you can count on your safety while using it.

Now, let us look at the pros and cons.


  • Highly Portable – It is lightweight and you can carry it anywhere you like. You can use it for your room, workplace, car or while traveling.
  • No Disturbance – While in operation, it produces little to no sound. Hence, you can enjoy fresh air without any irritation.


  • Small Container – It has a small cup that can hold up to 180 ml of water only.
  • Rust –  The atomizer plate gets rusted after a weeks usage.


dodocool cool mist humidifier comes with its disadvantages like any other product. But if you are looking for a portable humidifier that you can carry to any place you like then this one is for you. With bottle shape, it is suitable for use in any location. You can get it on Amazon for $17.99.

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