Dodocool In-Ear Earphone Review: Designed for Work, Running and Gym

To enjoy music to it’s fullest we need good speakers, headphones or earphones. Isn’t it? Earlier we shared ultra-portable Bluetooth speakers from Dodocool. But you cannot listen to loud music in all places. Even though the Bluetooth speakers are portable enough to carry them while I go out for a run but the society won’t accept me if I run around the neighborhood with the loud music. You need earphones or headphones for that purpose. If you are looking for one then we bring to you cool in-ear earphone from Dodocool in this review.

 Dodocool Hi-Res In-Ear Earphone Review

Box Contents

The package will contain a good quality hard case which will have the following items.

Dodocool in-ear earphone review

  • Earphone
  • 2 Earplugs(1 Small and 1 Large size)
  • Instruction Manual

Usually, earphones don’t come with a hard case cover. I really liked the case and you will too.

Key Features: Dodocool In-Ear Earphone Review

1. Good Sound Quality

They are marketed as Hi-Res audio and stereo earphones so they do have supreme sound. The bass is good and overall sound quality is great.

2. In-line Microphone and Remote

Earphone has an inbuilt microphone so you can attend calls using them. It also has a multifunction button(remote) to control things like calls and music.


To play/pause music you need to single press the button, double press to go to the next song and triple press for previous track.


To pick an incoming call single press the button, double press to end and press for 2 seconds to decline an incoming call.

3. Highly Compatible

With compatibility I mean the remote controls work on the iOS devices as well. You can use all the earphone shortcuts with Dodocool earphones that are possible with iPhone earphones. It can rewind or forward music and even activate Siri apart from switching to the previous/next song which I mentioned in the point above.

4. Amazing Design

Dodocool Hi-Res In-Ear Earphones

They are highly comfortable because of the high-quality silicone earplugs. The best part is the horn shaped ear hangings which prevent the earphones from popping out of the ear every now and again. You can perform vigorous activities like running or workout in the gym but they won’t disappoint you by dropping out of your ears.

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The original price of the earphones is USD 39.99 but at the time of writing this review, Dodocool is offering a healthy discount of USD 15. You can purchase them on Amazon.

Buy on Amazon

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons.


1. These earphones work for all occasions because of their ergonomic design.

2.  It completely blocks outside noise contributing to an awesome experience.

3. You can wear them for hours and you won’t feel a thing in your ears. They are cozy.


1. The earphones are missing volume controls in their remote. It is not possible to adjust volume using them.

2. A bit pricey.

3. The microphone is not that good.

Final Thoughts

Being a musicophile, I cannot work, run, or spend my leisure time without listening to music. After trying these earphones I can easily say that they are made for all occasions be it listening to music at work, running or gym. If you are also looking for something that serves multiple purposes then Dodocool in-ear earphones are the way to go.


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