dodocool DC53GY Dual USB-C Hub: 7-in-1

We all know that in the recent past, USB Type-C devices and cables are ruling the roost. Nearly all the gadget-making companies are turning out new devices every now and then with the USB-C feature. But we all know that many of us still have devices and accessories which don’t serve this function and even today some of us have to rely on Type-A and Type-B devices. Moreover, if you want to connect many devices simultaneously, then a hub definitely comes to the rescue. So what is better than a Type-C hub then? Here we are reviewing a Type-C hub by dodocool which is modeled asĀ DC52.

dodocool Dual USB-C Hub Review

First Impression: Unboxing

It comes packed in a very handy and compact cardboard box which is very simplistic in design and contains only the brand label and product information. After unpacking the box, I got truly amazed at the sleek texture of the hub. The pack contained the dodocool hub and a multilingual instruction manual.

dodcool usb-c hub with Thunderbolt

It is silver in color(the other available color being grey) and offers great design as well with glossy beveled edges. The small size ensures better grip and least chances of the device slipping away from the hands. To cut a long story short, this hub really makes a good first impression.


1. Ports

The hub offers 6 external ports and 2 input ports. A brief lowdown of the ports is as follows.

a. Output Ports

  • USB-A port – 2
  • USB-C port -1
  • USB-C port with thunderbolt(will come to this later )
  • TF Card – 1
  • SD Card -1

dodocool dual usb-c hub output ports

b. Input Ports

It comes with two TYPE-C input ports. Mostly, Hubs come with a single input port, but this one interestingly boasts of two!

dodocool type-c hub input ports

As can be seen from above, this hub offers a fair number of ports in comparison to many hubs presently in the market.

Also, the great thing is that we can simultaneously connect both the USB-A ports and get a transfer speed of up to 5Gbps.

2. The Thunderbolt USB TYPE-C port: “THE USP OF THIS PRODUCT”

The greatest USP of this product is one of its USB-C Thunderbolt port. It provides data transfer of up to 10 Gbps, PD charging of up to 100W, and video output of 5K altogether. Whereas, the other TYPE-C port offers only data transfer, that too of up to only 5 Gbps.

3. Easy And Fast Data Transfer From Memory Cards

You can directly access files from the SD card and the TF card, with a read/write speed of up to 104 Mbps.Also, it supports memory cards and TF cards of up to 512 GB.

4. Hot-swapping

It also supports the hot-swapping feature. This means that it can be fit or replaced while the computer is still connected to power.

5. PD Charging technology

It features PD charging technology which is compliant with the safety standards of USB charging.


  1. Stylish exterior and slim body.
  2. Ultra-fast TYPE-C USB thunderbolt port.
  3. Interestingly, it comes with an LED indicator with white light, which all of us really liked.
  4. Highly portable device and weighs only 0.78oz / 22gm.


  1. In order to achieve the maximum video resolution i.e. 5120×2880, you will need compatible cables and displays.
  2. It is mentioned on the official product website to not go for USB 3.0 Type-A ports on this product for purposes of charging.
  3. Only supports MacBook Pro.

Availability And Price

You can buy it on Amazon for USD 59.99 (originally priced at USD 84.99).

Buy on Amazon


For those who have MacBook Pro (13-inches or 15 inches) with macOS Sierra or above operating systems, this product is undoubtedly a good buy and offers value for your money.

The THUNDERBOLT 3 USB-C port further testifies in the favor of buying this product. This hub has enough number of ports to meet your needs and you should go for it.


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