How to Disable Volume Buttons on Android and iPhone

Last Updated: October 16, 2018

There are situations when you would like to set maximum allowed volume limit. For example: when you hand over the phone to your children and don’t want them to hear the loud sound. Unlike iPhone, Android does not provide any settings to limit the volume at a particular level. As you can set maximum volume limit on iPhone/iPad, you can also set in Android devices. There are third party apps available on Google Play Store that will let you disable volume buttons on Android devices. In iOS, you do not need to install any App.

Apps to Disable Volume Buttons on Android Devices

The best point of using these apps is that you do not have to root your Android device. Also, the app will help you to set the ringer volume as well as the media volume. So if your child is listening to a song or playing games while you are having a conversation with someone, then these will be really helpful.

I have mentioned a couple of apps to set the maximum volume limit and then disable the volume buttons on your Android smartphone. Out of the two apps, I will be explaining the steps using one app.

1) Open Google Play store and type in “Volume Lock & Mute” on the search bar or click here to download.

2) Once you install the app, open it.

3) You will see lots of options. Tap on the “Volume Lock” toggle button to enable it. It will set the volume to vibration mode and lock it.

set volume limit to a specific level on android device - ringtone volume

4) In order to set the volume at a specific limit, enable the checkbox for “Lock volume at current level“. Now set the volume to the desired level and now turn the toggle button for “Volume Lock” at the top.

how to set volume limit to a maximum leve on android phone - ringtone volume

5) If you want to limit the songs or game volume, then first set the volume to the desired level and then enable the checkbox for “Lock media volume“.

how to set volume limit on Android device - media volume

That’s it. The above steps will lock the phone ringer volume as well as media volume to a particular limit. Now try changing the volume by the keys, you won’t be able to increase or decrease it.

Note: You can decrease the volume from the maximum level you have set. To do so, you need to check the “Allow to decrease volume” checkbox.

You will find a lot of other options in this app listed below, like.

  • Unmute the ringtone volume when receiving a call so that you won’t be missing any incoming call.
  • Features like hide icon, different language support, and other options are available.

In all, it’s a very good app and it will serve the purpose you were looking for.

Another good Android app to set the volume to a specific level is “Volume Limiter“. You can download it from here.

Disable Volume Buttons on iOS

Unlike Android, it is not possible to lock volume of the music but you can definitely lock volume of the ringer for calls, notifications and other alerts. In order to achieve that you don’t need any third party app as iOS provides an official setting for it. Here’s how you can find it.

  • Launch Settings app from the Home screen.
  • Under Settings, select Sounds.

Disable Volume Buttons on iPhone or iPad

  • On the next screen, toggle Change with Buttons switch to OFF under Ringer and Alerts.

That’s all there is to it! Now, on using the side volume buttons only the music volume will be affected and ringer volume will be locked at the level set in Settings.

This way you can control volume on your smartphones. Android users can try any of the two apps and do let us know which one worked for you. If you have any other app to share with us, you can share with us via comments.


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