How to disable Similar page suggestions on Facebook page

If you run a Facebook page for your business then you might want to get rid of the similar page suggestions which users would get when they visit your page. This tutorial will let you know how to disable similar page suggestions on the Facebook page.

Turn Off Similar Page Suggestions

Disable Similar Page Suggestions on Facebook Page

As of today, similar page suggestion appears at the left-hand side of your Facebook page feed. These pages are shown under section – “PEOPLE ALSO LIKE” as shown in the image below.

Similar pages Suggestions on Facebook page

Now if you want your page visitors to stay on your page for a longer time and not bounce to other pages then you definitely should consider disabling similar page suggestions on your page. Here’s how you can get rid of similar page suggestions for your Facebook page.

1. Login to Facebook and go the Page timeline on which you want to disable suggestions.

2. At top right on the Facebook page, you should find Settings. Click on it.

3. In General Settings, you will have Similar page Suggestions. Click on Edit present to the right of that option.

4. Un-check the box next to similar page suggestions and click Save Changes to save the changed setting.

Disable Similar Page Suggestions

This simple 4 step procedure has turned off the Similar Page Suggestions on your Facebook page. Now when someone views the Facebook page it will not have “PEOPLE ALSO LIKE” section at left sidebar as shown below.

Similar Page suggestions disabled

Please note that on turning off Similar Page Suggestion for your page will also mean that your page also won’t be shown in the recommendation to other users when they like/follow pages similar to yours.

Likewise, using the same procedure you can disable Similar page suggestions for your other Facebook pages too by visiting those pages Timeline if desired.

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Share your experiences of your Facebook page with everyone and also let us know if you have any other issues related to your Page.


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