How to disable Instagram suggested users on your profile

If you have not observed Instagram Suggested users drop down arrow when you visit someone’s Instagram profile or vice versa then this article will let you know about it. Also, you will get to know how to disable Instagram Similar Account Suggestions on your profile.

Disable Instagram Similar Account Suggestions on Profile

Before starting, let me explain which drop down I am talking about. Visit anyone’s Instagram profile from the app. Now, notice a downward arrow control to the right of Follow or Following button. The drop down is shown on  your Instagram profile when someone visits it is nothing but Similar Account Suggestions which shows similar accounts on tapping on it.

Disable Instagram Similar Account Suggestions
Suggested Users Drop Down on Profile

Similar Account Suggestions is an Instagram feature which gives you suggestions to follow other similar Instagram accounts based on Instagram profile you followed. It is, of course, useful, if you want to expand your number of Instagram Followers, as the more number of users you follow higher are the chances of them following you back.

However, in my case, I am really not bothered about expanding followers list at this point of time and also don’t want others to know similar Instagram accounts similar to my Instagram account. So, I went ahead and got rid of Instagram suggested users arrow from my Instagram profile. Here’s how.

Note : Before proceeding, please note that, if you turn off Similar Account Suggestions option on your account then your account will also not appear as a suggestion on others Instagram profile.

Disable Instagram Similar Account Suggestions

Similar to blocking access to third apps on Instagram turning off Suggestion of other Instagram account from your Homepage/home screen can be done only from Instagram Web and not from the app.

1. So, visit Instagram from your PC.

2. Click on Profile icon at top right corner.

3. Under your Profile select Edit Profile.

4. Under Edit Profile Section at the bottom, you will find Similar Account Suggestions. Un-check the box next to it.

5. Click on Submit to save the changes in Settings.

Disable Instagram Similar Account Suggestions


With this, the suggested arrow is removed from your Instagram profile. Now, users cannot get to know similar account to yours.

Disable Suggestions on Instagram profile
Suggested Arrow hidden from Instagram profile

We wish you found this tutorial informative. Do share it on your favorite social media platform. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. Hi
    Just read your bio and it says you are enthusiastic about helping people with tech stuff. Can you help me please to resolve an Instagram problem? I have tried to contact Instagram via Twitter and via Report A Problem on my phone but have had no reply, despite trying numerous times.

    I am having problems with the latest version of Instagram on my iPhone and was looking for articles on your site to see whether there would be anything helpful. I used to have the older version and wish now I had not updated to the newer one because I find it very difficult to work with it.

    The main problem is that when people like or comment on my posts, I used always to see these individually in a list. Now, as soon as I click on someone’s profile who liked my post or commented in order to reciprocate or reply, the list immediately disappears instead of staying as it used to in the older version of Instagram. When this list jumbles up, it shows up as Seen and New under YOU. Instagram must think I am a computer because there is NO WAY I can see and remember all the people who have seen my posts in one short glance. Anyway, the only way I have then to go to and these new likes and comments is to go through all my posts – usually the most recent – and try to see which likes are most recent in order to like their posts back. On top of this, the new likes are not shown in chronological order under individual posts, so I cannot even remember who has just liked my posts and which were older.

    This is driving me crazy as it is taking too much time. In the past, the list used to be static and new likes were added above.

    I was speaking to another Instagrammer and he does not have this problem with one of his accounts but DOES have this problem with a smaller Instagram account. However, he did not know how to help me.

    Can you help please? I would be happy to contribute something towards your time and efforts if the cost wasn’t prohibitive. I think I would prefer to downgrade Instagram on my phone but cannot find a way to do so. Otherwise, I’d really appreciate it if help can be had for sorting this main problem out.

    Other things I do not like are Suggestions. How do I get rid of these? If I want to look for something, I would prefer to look for that something on my own.


    • Hi Janz,
      Yes, the way notifications are being shown have changed and I am also experiencing it on all my Instagram accounts. I cannot be of much help here.
      For the search suggestions, you can clear them using the steps mentioned here –
      If you meant suggestions for similar accounts on your profile then you can turn them off using the method given in this article –

      I hope this helps you.

      • Hi
        Just to let you know that I also tried to get rid of suggestions before asking on this forum. I tried it a few times, including waiting more than 24 hours for it to work. It did not work. Have you any more ideas of how to get rid of them?
        By the way, do you still have that problem with the likes? Mine remains the same. Aargh!

        • Hello,
          Unfortunately, the notifications for likes still remains the same for me too.
          For account suggestions under my profile, I am able to disable/enable them.
          Maybe you are talking about some other suggestions I am not quite sure.

  2. Hey, is there a way we can change those suggested people? Can I somehow manipulate the people I want suggested on my profile?


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