How to disable Instagram suggested users on your profile

If you have not observed Instagram Suggested users drop down arrow when you visit someone’s Instagram profile or vice versa then this article will let you know about it. Also, you will get to know how to disable Instagram Similar Account Suggestions on your profile.

Disable Instagram Similar Account Suggestions on Profile

Before starting, let me explain which drop down I am talking about. Visit anyone’s Instagram profile from the app. Now, notice a downward arrow control to the right of Follow or Following button. The drop down is shown on  your Instagram profile when someone visits it is nothing but Similar Account Suggestions which shows similar accounts on tapping on it.

Disable Instagram Similar Account Suggestions

Suggested Users Drop Down on Profile

Similar Account Suggestions is an Instagram feature which gives you suggestions to follow other similar Instagram accounts based on Instagram profile you followed. It is, of course, useful, if you want to expand your number of Instagram Followers, as the more number of users you follow higher are the chances of them following you back.

However, in my case, I am really not bothered about expanding followers list at this point of time and also don’t want others to know similar Instagram accounts similar to my Instagram account. So, I went ahead and got rid of Instagram suggested users arrow from my Instagram profile. Here’s how.

Note : Before proceeding, please note that, if you turn off Similar Account Suggestions option on your account then your account will also not appear as a suggestion on others Instagram profile.

Disable Instagram Similar Account Suggestions

Similar to blocking access to third apps on Instagram turning off Suggestion of other Instagram account from your Homepage/home screen can be done only from Instagram Web and not from the app.

1. So, visit Instagram from your PC.

2. Click on Profile icon at top right corner.

3. Under your Profile select Edit Profile.

4. Under Edit Profile Section at the bottom, you will find Similar Account Suggestions. Un-check the box next to it.

5. Click on Submit to save the changes in Settings.

Disable Instagram Similar Account Suggestions


With this, the suggested arrow is removed from your Instagram profile. Now, users cannot get to know similar account to yours.

Disable Suggestions on Instagram profile

Suggested Arrow hidden from Instagram profile

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