How To Stop Message Replies On Instagram Stories

Are you having a large number of followers and getting random irrelevant replies on your Instagram Stories? Or it might be the replies from the users you don’t even follow(only possible in case of public profile)? If these replies are getting the better of you then you might want to turn them off. This is exactly what we are going to share in this tutorial. After going through this article, you will be able to disable message replies on Instagram stories only for the people you don’t follow or for everyone which you have already uploaded or the new ones.

You cannot like or comment on Instagram stories of someone but it is possible to send message replies. It can be as a photo/video or simple text message. The reply to a story is sent privately to the owner of the story. Here’s how.

Reply To Instagram Stories With Photo Or Video

1. Open Instagram and tap the story which you want to reply to.

Reply To Instagram Stories With Photo or Video

2. When you see the story, tap on the camera icon at the bottom left.

Reply insta story with old photos

3. Now, you can click a picture, make a short video to send them as a reply. Or swipe up to upload pictures or videos from your phone’s Gallery/Camera Roll.

Instagram story reply

4. Tap on the picture or video you want to send.

5. Now tap on the send button at the bottom. Before sending you can also prevent the replay of your sent item and choose it to be viewed only once.

And it’s done. Remember that the pictures or videos you send are self-destructing and they will be deleted as soon as the person views your message once or twice. If you are clicking a picture or making a video on the spot, I would suggest you save that by tapping on the ‘Save icon‘ at the bottom left side just before sending.

If you are thrown off by these replies then here is how you can stop them.

Disable Message Replies On Instagram Stories

1. Open Instagram app and tap on the profile icon at the bottom right to navigate to the profile screen.

2. Select the hamburger icon at the top right and select Settings.

Instagram menu

3. Next, tap on Story Settings/Controls.

4. Now, in Allow Message Replies section select Off if you wish to turn off replies for everyone or select People You Follow to disable message replies from the people you don’t follow while keeping the replies for others turned on.

Disable Message Replies on Instagram Stories

After doing this, users won’t get the option to send a message while viewing your story.

Stop Replies on Instagram Stories
Send Message option will no longer appear when someone views your Story

For already uploaded stories, the above method will work. Apart from this, you will have more ways to get to this Story Settings screen for an existing story.

Block Replies On An Already Uploaded Instagram Story

1. Open your Instagram story by tapping on your profile picture or by tapping on your story in stories section at the top of the news feed.

2. Under your story, you have two ways to get to the Story Settings.

  • Either tap on the 3 dots icon at the bottom right and select Story Settings.

Stop Message Replies on Uploaded Instagram Story

  • Or Swipe upwards while you have your story opened and select gear icon(Settings) at the top left corner.

Disable Replies on Existing Instagram Story

Under the Story Settings screen, follow step 4 from the above method.

You can always turn on the message replies later from the same Story Settings screen as and when desired.

We hope that you were able to disable replies on Instagram Stories using this guide. If you found this helpful then please share it with your friends to help them too.


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