How To Disable Laptop Keyboard On Windows OS

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The original keyboard on a laptop is not of that great quality and especially if the laptop is a lower budget one. And therefore sometimes the keys on the laptop keyboard stops working rather too early.

Now the only choice remains in front of us is to use an external keyboard. But, before that, we should disable the primary keyboard so that it does not cause any inconvenience. To know more about how you can disable laptop keyboard on Windows 7, 8 or 10 system you should read this tutorial.

Disable Laptop Keyboard On Windows

You can manually disable the laptop keyboard by removing the keyboard connector from the motherboard. But, for this, you have to dismantle the laptop and we don’t recommend this unless you know how to do it properly. However, you can follow the steps shown below to disable the keyboard without tearing down your laptop.

Note: While disabling the laptop keyboard keep an external keyboard and mouse handy. As in some laptop models, the keyboard and mouse share the same software drivers so they both can stop working together.

Disabling The Keyboard Temporarily

1. Head over to the Start menu and type Device Manager in the search field.

Search for device manager

Note: Here I am using a Windows 8 laptop but you can do the same on any Windows PC.

2. Now open the Device Manager and find the Keyboards option among other devices.

Device manager

3. As you find it, click on the arrow to access more options. Next, you will probably see two or more keyboards listed in the options. By default, the first keyboard is your laptop’s built-in keyboard. You can right-click on it and select Uninstall to disable the keyboard temporarily.

Disable keyboard temporarily

4. On the next tab confirm your actions by clicking on OK.


With this, your keyboard is disabled until the next time you restart your computer. When you restart your PC the keyboard drivers are reinstalled automatically and your keyboard shall work as usual.

If you want to permanently disable the keyboard then this method is not for you. However, you can follow the steps shown in the below method to permanently get rid of the keyboard of your laptop.

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Disable The Keyboard Permanently

To permanently disable your keyboard you will have to trick your PC by updating the different driver software for your keyboard. But, don’t worry it is a reversible process and you can get back the access of your keyboard whenever you want.

1. On your PC or laptop follow the same steps as in the previous method and open Device Manager on it. Under Device Manager, find Keyboards and click on the arrow to show the hidden options. Now, right-click on your built-in keyboard and select the Update Driver option.

update driver software

2. Now it will ask you how do you want to search for driver software. Select the second option Browse my computer for driver software.

search for driver software

3. On the next tab, select  Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.

pick drivers from computer

4. After that, you will have to first uncheck the Show compatible hardware box. As you do that, a list of manufactures and their keyboard models will show up. You can now select any manufacturer and model other than your standard keyboard model. After selecting a random manufacturer and model click on Next to proceedselect random keyboard models5.  On the next tab, select Yes and your keyboard shall cease to work.

Driver warning

After that, you can close the next tab and it will ask for permission to restart your PC. Once you give permission, the computer will restart and your keyboard will be disabled permanently.

Enable The Keyboard

To reactivate your keyboard you can follow the same steps as shown above but this time you need to select search automatically for updated driver software in the second step.

search of drivers automatically

With this, the original keyboard software will be updated in your PC and your built-in keyboard shall start working normally.


Most of the laptops these days have very delicate keys and they can stop working anytime.

No matter what the case you are left with, you have no other option but using an external keyboard. But before using an external keyboard, it’s better to disable the built-in keyboard of your laptop. You can follow the steps shown in this article to either temporarily or permanently disable your keyboard depending upon your needs. I hope this article helps you achieve the task.

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