How to turn off double notifications of Messages in iPhone / iPad

Last Updated: February 8, 2016

Apple has implemented a lot of intelligent features in iPhone / iPad which complements very well with our day to day lives. One of such features is that of double notification for Messages in iPhone. It is a useful feature which ensures that you don’t miss message notification by giving alerts for multiple times for the same SMS. However, some users might get irritated by multiple or double notifications for SMS therefore Apple has given an option to disable multiple or double notifications of Messages in iPhone/ iPad.

Turn Off Double Notifications of Messages in iPhone / iPad

Repeat or Double Notification is set to Once by default because of which there are 2 notifications for a single SMS. Multiple or Double Notifications are repeated at two minutes interval. In order to deactivate double notifications in iPhone or iPad follow the steps given below :

  • Go to Settings App on your iPhone / iPad
  • Under Settings select Notifications
  • Tap on Messages under Notifications
  • Under Messages select Repeat Alerts 
  • By default Repeat Alerts will be set to Once
  • Select Never to disable Repeat Notifications for SMS
Turn off double notification in iPhone/iPad
Settings to disable Repeat notifications in iPhone

You may select upto 10 times to repeat the SMS text alerts if desired which will repeat the notification 10 times at an interval of 2 minutes each.

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Selecting Never will turn off double notifications of sms text messages in iPhone / iPad. Disabling multiple notifications will benefit you in a way that you won’t be disturbed or distracted multiple times for the same message when you do not want to get disturbed while doing some important work. Drawbacks of disabling the multiple or repeat notifications is that you might miss an important message of high priority if you somehow cannot view the message on first notification and forget afterwards.

Therefore, both activating and deactivating repeat notifications feature come with it’s own advantages and disadvantages respectively. I personally prefer repeat notifications, the rest is up to your choice and convenience. So, do you like repeat notifications and find them useful or you are better off disabling them ?


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