Facebook vs Twitter for Users and Marketing

Last Updated: April 1, 2016

The two biggest Social Media giants in the world right now in the English language are Facebook and Twitter. These two social media giants have gone at each other over the years. They’ve copied each other, poached employees and have fought for user’s attention.

Let’s list some differences between both these giants.

It’s not a fair comparison to make right now, when Facebook has been steaming ahead and twitter has lagged behind with spam bots taking over their service. But nevertheless we will forge ahead with our comparison.

For the Users

Facebook has been at the forefront of keeping the feed a fun and Interactive place. They’ve in fact tested the feeds of users by showing only negative content and seeing how the users respond.

Facebook vs Twitter Marketing

Facebook’s newsfeed is dependent on the articles and Images you like. If you keep liking your friends’ pictures then you’ll get more and more of your friends’ pictures. And because most of us like a different set of things, our news feed remains random and the novelty factor is intact. It’s always fresh content.

With Twitter, it’s more of a quick byte of what people have to say. The feed is filled with tweets from accounts that you’ve followed. If you follow a lot of funny twitter accounts, then you’ll have a lot of laughs, but otherwise it’s mostly accounts that are linking back to their website which can be a hassle!

Facebook is like a lounge and Twitter is fast food. Facebook is better at the experience, but Twitter is fast.

For Advertisers

The biggest problem with Facebook for advertisers is the click farms. Advertisers on Facebook have lost billions of dollars because of fake likes. How do fake likes work?

Fake likes are from click farms sitting in third-world countries like Philippines and Indonesia, where people are paid a measly sum to like pages. Why do they like all pages and not specific pages? It’s to avoid spam detection.

Facebook’s potential has come down and the ROI for advertisers has also come down dramatically. Most Facebook advertisements do not reach the targeted audience at all.

Twitter’s advertisements aren’t even effective compared to that of Facebook. They have issues with reach. They also work for businesses that already have a following, where they are able to up-sell products to their existing users.

General Thoughts

Twitter is failing as a product even for the end users. The number of people who join twitter and stop using it are alarming. Facebook has better stickiness and they seem to know what they are doing. But if both Twitter and Facebook have to survive then they have to fix their advertising issues. That is their bread and butter. If they fail at this juncture, then it will be the downfall of these behemoths!


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