Dermadry Total: Treat Excessive Sweating At Home

Sweating, it is kind of an irritating thing if it happens in excess. There are people who face these kinds of situations where they sweat a lot. Mostly on the hands, feet and underarm areas. This situation is called as Hyperhidrosis. Well, you can opt for treatments, take medicines or consult a doctor. Or you can simply use iontophoresis devices just from your home. These devices transfer medicinal ionic compound to the body with the help of electric current.

There is a company, Dermadry based in Canada which manufactures these iontophoresis machines. With the help of this machine, one can simply get rid of excessive sweating and keep themselves dry. Dermadry is also recommended by dermatologists to treat your sweating conditions effectively. Here in this article, we are going get our hands on this Dermadry iontophoresis machine and see what it has to offer.

Dermadry First Impression

As we already discussed what this machine is all about, let’s start digging more into it.

Inside The BoxDermadry iontophoresis machine

Looking at the various items provided in the box it looked kind of complicated at first, but once you get to know what each item is meant for, it becomes simply easy to use. So here are the items and what they are required for.

Dermadry machine contents

  • Plastic case – For storing all the items and additionally to be used as the base for hand and feet treatments. Makes it easy to store and carry.
  • Controller – To monitor and control the settings of the machine( Like current strength, treatment profiles and timings)Dermadry Controller
  • Power adapter – To connect the controller to an electric outlet
  • Electrode plates (set of two)– For hands and feet treatments
  • Electrode bar (set of two)– For Underarms treatments
  • 2 cables – For connecting to the Electrode plates or bar.
  • 2 Small towels – For hands and feet
  • 4 Underarms pockets
  • 1 Instruction manual

How Does It Work?

Now to use the device, you simply have to connect the wires with the electrode plates or bar and to the controller.Feet and Hand Electrodes - Dermadry

Dermadry treatment setup

Then you have to connect the adapter to the controller and an electrical outlet. The electrodes plates or the bar has to be covered with the given towel or pockets and water has to be used as per the requirements before starting the treatment.How to use - Dermadry

Once all this is set you just have to keep your hands or feet on the plates. And in the case of underarms, you have to place electrodes under your arms and then start the controller. Starting the controller will turn on the electric current on the electrodes which will transfer the ionic medical compounds to the areas where you sweat a lot. The machine starts with a mild current level and increases depending on how you set it.

You may feel little tingly sensations with the current but that is nothing to worry as the electric current is being transferred to the body. There are different treatment timings for hands, feet, and underarms which you can set from the controller accordingly. For better usage techniques and the treatment timings, it is always recommended to read the instruction manual properly provided with the device.

Underarm treatment profile - dermadry
Underarm treatment profile
Hands treatment profile - Dermadry
Hands treatment profile

Effectiveness Of The Treatment And Schedules

Dermadry really proves to be great at treating Hyperhidrosis. It is a clinically approved device which is simple and easy to use. There are three levels of hyperhidrosis for the underarms, hands, and feet. You can opt to start the treatment as per the Level of hyperhidrosis by referring to the instruction manual. There are two phases of treatment, Initial Phase and Maintenance Phase.Controller - dermadry

Initial Phase is to cure the sweat or achieve the desired dryness of the required area. This phase has to be used for at least 3-5 days per week ranging from 1 – 2 weeks till 4-6 weeks as per your Hyperhidrosis level.

On the other hand, once you have reduced the sweat and achieved dryness on the desired area. You have to opt the Maintenance Phase to keep maintaining the achieved results. This phase requires 1 treatment per 2-3 weeks till 3 treatments per week as per the Hyperhidrosis level. Completing the treatment schedule is necessary to see the required results and effectiveness.


The price of Dermadry total iontophoresis device is $349 and you can buy it from their official website or Amazon. And looking at the treatment it provides, the price is justified. Don’t ignore the fact that it will save you the money of medical or hospital treatments.

Dermadry is a promising machine to treat excessive sweating but only if used properly. So, be careful while handling it and also stop the usage in case you see any side effects.

Disclaimer: The usage of this device should be under proper conditions as mentioned in the user manual. It may or may not cause side effects like redness of the skin, dryness or rashes on the area of treatments. In such cases, you have to stop the usage immediately and take the necessary steps to avoid it. At TechUntold we don’t take any responsibility for this machine’s side effect if any. So, we recommended users to read the instruction manual for a complete and proper usage knowledge of this device. The device should not be tempered or modified as it can lead to harmful effects.


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