How To Delete Instagram Story Or Its Archive On Android & iPhone

Stories on Instagram last for 24 hours similar to other platforms like Snapchat. After that, the photos and videos posted in the story are automatically removed. But what if you accidentally shared an irrelevant photo in your story? Or maybe you uploaded something in the heat of the moment and now you wish to remove it. Well, you don’t have to wait for 24 hours to see it disappear automatically as Instagram gives you full control over it. Here’s how to delete Instagram story before 24 hours on Android and iOS.

Moreover, Instagram also allows you to archive stories to save them forever. When the option is enabled, your uploaded stories are saved automatically on Instagram servers for the lifetime. That said, there’s a possibility to delete archived stories on Instagram. We have covered that as well in this tutorial.

Delete Instagram Story

The screenshots are from the iOS app but any Instagram user can easily follow the steps.

1. In the Instagram app, tap on You ring(Your Story avatar) at the top of the news feed to view your story.

2. Now, fast forward or rewind in your story to go to the desired photo/video you want to remove.

How to Delete Instagram Story

3. When you are in the desired photo/video, tap on More(3 dots) at the bottom and select Delete on the menu.

Delete photos or videos from Instagram story

4. On the next pop-up, select Delete to finally confirm and delete the photo/video.

With this, the photo or video in the story will be gone forever. Similarly, you can delete other items in your story at any desired time. After you are done with the removal you may add new stories as usual.

The delete option for stories makes sure that you are not forced to wait for everyone to see your inapt story and feel embarrassed. You can get rid of it quickly before any of this happens.

Now, let’s get to archived stories.

Remove Instagram Stories From Archive

The screenshots used here are from the Android app but the change is minimal for iPhone users.

1. Open the Instagram app and go to your profile screen.

2. Under your profile, tap on the clock icon at the top. By default, you will see the Posts Archive. Tap on it and then select Stories Archive from the drop-down menu.

View Instagram Stories Archive

3. Now, all your archived stories will be shown and they will also be labeled with the date. Tap on the story you wish to delete.

Remove Instagram Story from Archive

4. When viewing the story, tap More ( 3 dots) at the bottom right and select Delete.

Delete Archived Stories on Instagram

5. Confirm by tapping on Delete once again on the next pop-up.

Doing this, will remove that story from the archive and hence from Instagram servers. You can perform the same steps for other stories you wish to delete from the stories archive.

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We hope that you were able to delete story be it active or archived on Instagram. In case of any issue, you can drop a comment and let us know.


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