How to delete Instagram Direct messages from recipients phone

This article is a result of a query from one of our readers via our Contact form. The user wants a solution to delete Instagram Direct messages and also did ask – “If I delete a direct message on Instagram can the other person still see it ? If not then how to delete direct messages on Instagram from recipients phone? Can Instagram Direct message which is seen be deleted from recipients phone?” So, here we are with a separate tutorial for it.

Delete Instagram Direct Messages

Delete Instagram Direct Messages from recipients phone

The steps and screenshot are from Instagram iOS App but the procedure remains the same for other platforms like Android as well.

1. Open Instagram App and tap on Instagram Direct icon at the top right corner.

2. All the direct conversations on Instagram will be shown. Swipe to the left on the conversation you want to delete.

3. Select Delete from the presented options.

Delete Instagram Direct Messages

All the messages will be deleted in that particular conversation and you cannot delete specific messages within a conversation using this method.

Also, the conversation will be deleted from your Instagram account/smartphone and not from the recipient’s Instagram Direct Messages. Now let’s go ahead and look at how to delete direct messages on recipient phone as well.

Delete or Unsend Instagram Direct Messages

1. Go to Instagram Direct conversations using the step 1 above.

2. Select the conversation from which you want to delete the message from recipient phone as well.

3. Long tap on the message and select “Unsend” for iPhone and Unsend Message for Android.

Delete Instagram Direct messages from recipients phone


That particular message will be deleted from your as well as recipients Instagram Direct conversation even though is was seen earlier. Similarly, you can delete other specific messages in a conversation.

You cannot unsend or delete the entire conversation at once from recipients device. If you have that requirement then you need to unsend all the messages in the conversation individually.

Also, if you desire to you can use Instagram Direct from PC too.

Feel free to submit such queries to us anytime via the comments section, contact form, Email or social accounts. We will be happy to help you out. Share this tutorial with your friends and help them out.


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