How to Delete Instagram Account When Someone Dies

As people are figuring out what to do with social media accounts of their loved ones who passed away, social media giants already have the solutions for them. Like Twitter and Facebook, you can remove the Instagram account of the deceased person. Below in the article, I have explained how you can delete Instagram Account when someone dies.

Apart from removing the Instagram account, you can also make the account memorialized of the deceased person. I have mentioned below what will happen when you makes an account memorialized.

What Happens to Your Instagram Account When You Die?

When a person dies, their account remains active as long as any of the family member or a friend has not reported about the death of the user. So in order to close the Instagram account of the deceased person, you have to make the removal request to Instagram.

After providing the required information, Instagram team processes and the account gets permanently removed after few days.

How to Delete Instagram Account When Someone Dies

As I have already explained, in order to remove the account after someone has passed away, you have to make an account removal request to Instagram. Follow the below steps to achieve the same.

1) Open Instagram account removal request URL on your browser.

How to remove instagram account when someone has passed away

2) Fill out all the required information and attach a proof of death. For example: death certificate or a news article.

3) And finally, click on send button.

Memorialize the Deceased Person Instagram Account

If you don’t want to delete the account after someone passes away, then you can make a memorialization request to Instagram.

In memorialization request, Instagram will not deactivate or remove the account, however, it will keep the account active and would not let anyone log in to that account. Know more what will happen when the account becomes memorialized.

To make the account of the deceased person memorialized, follow the below steps.

1) Open the memorialization request URL on your browser.

how to close someones instagram account after their death

2) You will see a form where you have to provide the information of the deceased user.

3) After filling out the form, click on the send button. That’s it. This will make the account memorialized.

Note: From the policy, it is clear that anyone can make the request to Instagram. However, in a recent statement from the spokesperson of Instagram stated that:

When a person passes away, we do honour requests from close family members to deactivate their Instagram account, which removes the profile and associated information from the site.

For Facebook users who wants to give their limited account access to someone after they die, they can use the Facebook Legacy Contact feature.

So you have both the options for Instagram account, either keep it active by making it memorialized or remove the account permanently. Share this useful information to let everyone know about this Instagram feature.

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