How to Delete Instagram Account permanently or temporarily

Last Updated: August 18, 2016

Follow this tutorial to delete Instagram Account permanently from your iPhone, Android smartphone or PC. If you want to leave Instagram for some time then disable Instagram Account temporarily following the steps I will mention in this article.

Ever since Facebook bought Instagram back in 2012, it has been evolving with a lot of features and hence attracting a lot of users. More than 500 million users as of July 2016. That is a handsome number. However, in this article, I am not going to brag about the features of Instagram or how they got successful. Actually, it is the exact opposite of that. I will give you the steps to delete your Instagram account or disable it temporarily.

If you have had enough of the Photo Sharing app and want to get rid of all the Instagram photos and videos uploaded to your account then you will be getting the procedure right here. If you want to achieve the same with Facebook then follow delete Facebook account permanently.

Delete Instagram Account

To start with, I would like to mention that you cannot delete or disable your Instagram account from mobile App. In order to disable your Instagram account, you will need to access Instagram Web.

Let us first go ahead and learn about disabling Instagram account temporarily.

Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

Use this method if you wish to use Instagram after giving yourself a break from Photo sharing app.

1. Open Instagram from any browser it can be Safari if you an iOS user or Chrome if you are working on PC or Android smartphone.

I will be using screenshots from Safari browser on my iPhone for this tutorial.

2. Login using your Instagram account credentials which you want to disable.

3. Tap/Click on the profile icon at top right corner.

4. Under your profile, select Edit Profile.

5. Scroll down and tap/click on “Temporarily disable account“.

Delete Instagram Account


6. In the next step, select the reason why are you leaving Instagram and enter your password.

7. Now click on “Temporarily Disable Account“.

Disable Instagram Account temporarily

8. Confirm by selecting Ok.

With this, your Instagram account is deleted temporarily. No one will be able to find your profile or your photos/videos uploaded by you.

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To speak practically, your posts or profile isn’t deleted with this method. But they are hidden from everyone on Instagram. Your profile and posts are still present on the Instagram database.

Reactivate Temporarily Disabled Instagram account

Whenever you wish to resume your journey with Instagram you can reactivate your account. In order to do so, log in using your Instagram credentials and you will be active on Instagram again.

All your posts will also be there as you left them when you left Instagram.

Let’s get to deleting your Instagram Account permanently.

Delete Instagram Account Permanently

Before proceeding please note that on deleting the account permanently you won’t be able to reactivate it again. All your posts will be deleted forever. Also, you cannot create an Instagram account with the same username which you are deleting.

1. Login to your Instagram account.

2. Follow this Delete Instagram account permanently link.

3. After this, you need to select the reason and enter your password.

4. Finally, click on “Permanently delete my account“.

Delete Instagram account permanently
Screenshot from Chrome(Desktop)

We hope that you were able to successfully able to delete the Instagram account from your iPhone, Android or desktop web browser. Share this tutorial with your friends if you find it helpful.


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