How to Delete Handwritten Messages in iOS 10 from Recents List/History

Apple introduced many exciting new features to the Messages app with iOS 10. A few of them include sending messages with bubble and screen effects, using the invisible link to send secret messages and more. Another useful addition was of handwritten messages which make the messaging experience even better. With each handwritten message you send, it goes in the message history and is shown in the Recents list. If for some reason you want to get rid of that history showing up then follow this tutorial to delete handwritten messages in iOS 10 from history on iPhone.

Delete Handwritten Messages from History in iOS 10

There is no doubt that handwritten messages have added a new dimension to the iOS Messages app. Using fingers to type the messages making them interesting. In case you are irritated by the handwriting canvas which appears on switching to Landscape mode then you can disable it by turning off handwritten messages. This will help you to view messages in Landscape mode rather than handwriting canvas coming up.

Another issue you might have with handwritten messages on iPhone is their history. Tapping on the new App store icon in the Messages app shows all the handwritten messages you have sent previously under Recents.

Handwritten Messages in Recents on iOS 10

This can be embarrassing if someone else peeps into your iPhone at that particular time. Isn’t it? If you have been in such a situation then follow the steps below to remove the previously sent handwritten messages from Recents.

Delete Handwritten Messages in iOS 10 from Recents

1. Open Messages app on your iPhone.

2. Select/open any conversation. It doesn’t need to be particularly iMessage conversation.

3. Make sure that portrait orientation lock is OFF. Switch to landscape mode when inside the chat.

4. If you see the handwriting canvas then proceed to the next step. Otherwise, tap on the scribble icon on the keyboard to switch to the handwriting mode.Send Handwritten Message on iPhone

5. Once you are on the screen with the canvas, all the previously written messages will be shown at the bottom. Long press/tap on any one of them. Each handwritten message will start jiggling with an X icon.

Tap on the X icon for the messages you wish to remove from the history/Recents.

Delete Handwritten messages in iOS 10 from Recents

After you are satisfied, tap on Done at the top right corner.

That’s all there is to it!

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We hope this article helped you in deleting previously sent handwritten messages from the Recents in iOS 10. If you think it will help your friends then share it on social media.

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