How to Delete Google Account When Someone Dies

If the Google account user has not set trusted contacts to let someone access their account data when they pass away, then the only option you are left with is to remove the Google account of the deceased user. You will not get access to their account or data. The article will take you through how you can delete Google Account when someone dies.

The listed method will remove Google accounts like Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Google Photos, Blogger and others. So do not worry that someone will steal the important mails, it will permanently delete all the accounts.

I have shared two methods here.

Method 1: If the user has shared the credentials with you, then you can easily delete the account.

Method 2: If the user hasn’t shared the account credentials and also not set you as their trusted contact.

Method 1: How to Close Delete Account

As you have the credentials, follow the below steps to remove the account permanently.

1) Log in to the Google account.

2) Open Google account data & services account deletion URL. It may ask you log in again to confirm the account.

how to remove google account of deceased user

3) To close the account, you need to confirm two things: “Yes, I want to permanently delete this Google Account and all of its data” and “Yes, I acknowledge that I am still responsible for any charges incurred due to any pending financial transaction and I understand that under certain circumstances my earnings won’t be paid out.”.

4) Finally, click on Delete Account button.

Note: You can also download the data before deleting the account. On the same page at the top, you will get the option to download data.

Method 2: Delete Google Account When Someone Dies

If you are a family member/closed one or a legal representative of a deceased person, then you can request Google to remove the account. Follow the steps to achieve the same.

1) Open Google deceased user’s request URL on your browser.

2) Scroll Down and choose “Close the account of a deceased user” option.

how to close the google account of dead person

3) The above step will open a request form on the same page. Scroll down and fill up the form to permanently delete the Google account of the dead user.

4) The request form will require some of your information along with the deceased user information. Fill out all the required field and finally click on Submit button.

Similar to this, you can remove the social media accounts of the deceased person. Follow the below links for the same.

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It’s very important to close the account so that nobody can steal the identity of the deceased user. You can share this with others to help them know about this feature.

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