How To Delete Or Forward Multiple WhatsApp Status At Once

Last Updated: October 24, 2018

If you are in a situation where you want to send your uploaded WhatsApp statuses to someone, the feature is available already but many are not aware of it. Suppose you have uploaded 7 WhatsApp Statuses and you want to forward all 7 or 5 out of 7 WhatsApp statuses to someone at once. This article will take you through how to delete or forward multiple WhatsApp Status at once.

If someone doesn’t know how to download WhatsApp Status, then you can forward your multiple statuses at once. The feature is available on Android as well as on iPhone. Apart from forwarding status, you can also delete multiple WhatsApp status using the same method.

Forward Multiple WhatsApp StatusAat Once To Someone

Below I have explained the method to send multiple WhatsApp Status to multiple people at once for Android and iOS users.

For Android:

1) Open WhatsApp and swipe to the Status tab.

2) Next, tap on the 3 horizontal dots next to the My status option as shown in the picture. Once you tap on it, all your uploaded WhatsApp Statuses will show.

how to forward multiple WhatsApp statuses at once in Android - 3 dots

3) Now long tap on any of the status, it will be selected. Next, single tap on other statuses to select them.

4) Once the Statuses are selected, tap on the forward icon at top right.
Delete: To delete multiple WhatsApp status in Android, just tap on the delete icon next to the forward icon.

how to delete multiple Whatsapp statuses in Android

5) Here you can select multiple or single contact to send them your multiple WhatsApp statuses. Once you have selected the contacts, you can tap on the forward icon at bottom right.

For iOS:

1) On your WhatsApp app, tap on the Status option at the bottom.

2) Now tap on the 3 horizontal dots next to the My status. On doing this, all your WhatsApp status will be shown.

how to send multiple whatsapp statuses at once - 3 dots

3) Tap on the Edit option at the top right, this will let you select your statuses.

how to forwardmmultiple whatsapp status at once - edit

4) Once you have selected the statuses, tap on the forward option as shown in the picture.
Delete: In order to delete the selected statuses, tap on delete option at the bottom right.

how to delete multiple Whatsapp statuses in iPhone

5) Finally, select the contacts whom you want to send the statuses and tap on the send icon.

Send Single WhatsApp Status To Anyone

If you want to forward single status to someone on WhatsApp, then you can directly do it once you view your status. The below method is the same for Android as well as for iPhone users.

1) Open WhatsApp app.

2) Android: Swipe to the Status tab.
iOS: Tap on the Status option at the bottom.

3) Next, tap on the My status. This will show you all your uploaded WhatsApp statuses one by one.

4) Just swipe up from bottom in order to delete or forward that particular WhatsApp status.

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