How To View & Delete Facebook Search History On Android, iPhone App, Web

There’s no denying the fact that each one of us has searched for other users profiles and photos at some point in time. Facebook stores all of the searches made by any user on it’s server. This search history shows up as soon as one taps the on search bar at the top. You might want to delete search history as someone can get to know about the profiles you have been stalking by looking at the list which appears when you tap on the search bar.

So, in this tutorial, we share how you can view and delete Facebook Search History. Using the steps you can either delete a particular search or remove Facebook Search History completely from Android or iOS App or website.

Delete Facebook Search History On iPhone, Android App

The procedure may vary slightly depending on Android and iPhone. That said, you’ll be able to figure it out easily once you go through the steps below.

There are 2 methods to erase Search History on Facebook App.

Method 1: Using Activity Log

1. Open Facebook App on your smartphone and visit your profile. To go to your profile tap on the Hamburger icon and select your Name at the top.

Delete Facebook Search History

2. Under your profile, select Activity Log. You can find it just below your profile picture as shown below.

Delete Facebook Search History from Android, iPhone App

3. Activity Log shows you the history of all the activities you have done on Facebook. To specifically look for search activities tap on Category drop-down menu at the top.

View search history on Facebook iPhone Android app

4. In the window that pops-up select Search History.

5. Now all the Facebook search history will be shown. To clear particular searches, tap on  symbol to the right of every search information and select Delete.

Delete Facebook Search History All or Specific

6. To delete Facebook search History completely select Clear Searches at the top.

With this, all your search history will be removed. Let’s look at the second method.

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Method 2: From Search Bar

This is a slightly shorter method than the previous method.

1. Tap on the Search bar at the top of the app.

2. Your search history would be shown and at the top right you should find Edit. Select it.

Delete Facebook Search History Search Bar

3. This will take you the 5th step of Method 1 where all the searches you have done till now will be shown.

4. Now similar to method 1, you may either use  icon to the right of each result and select Delete to erase particular search or select Clear Searches to remove all Facebook search history.

These were the two methods which would help you out when you want to delete Facebook search history from Facebook app. Now, let’s move on to the procedure for the Facebook website.

View & Delete Search History From Facebook Website

  1. Go to Facebook site from a browser of your choice and log into your Facebook account.
  2. Go to your profile, look for the Activity log button and click on it.Facebook Activity Log
  3. In the Activity log section, on the left-hand side, you will see photos, likes and comments & below that a more option. Click on that as shown in the to view facebook search history - see search history
  4. At the bottom somewhere you will find a Search history option. Click on it, and you will be able to see all the searches you have performed on Facebook. All the searches will be listed monthwise and datewise also. Only you are able to see your search history on Facebook.Facebook search history
  5. To remove a particular search, you can click on a button next to it as shown in the picture. Once you click on that button, it will pop down a delete option for you and after hitting the Delete option that specific search will be removed from Facebook search history.Clear All or Particular Searches on Facebook
  6. To clear all the searches you did on Facebook then you can look for the Clear Searches at the top. Once you click on that, your all searches will be cleared from Facebook. In this way, you have permanently deleted Facebook search history.

So, these were different ways you can view or get rid of search history on Facebook app and website. If you come across any issues while following the above steps, you can let us know your views via comments.


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