How to Delete Only Text Messages, Photos or Videos From Specific WhatsApp Chats

Last Updated: January 30, 2017

Follow this WhatsApp guide to know how you can quickly delete certain message types like Photos, Videos or text messages from specific chats on WhatsApp. This method will help you to clear out the specific type of messages or media like Photos from certain contacts/groups without having them to select manually and delete.

Delete Specific Message Types WhatsApp chat group

The latest update of WhatsApp for iOS(version 2.17.1) rolled out offline messaging which can be used to send WhatsApp messages without changing last seen. Apart from that, WhatsApp also introduced redesigned storage usage screen. New options introduced under Storage Usage is what we are going to discuss here.

How many times do you receive images from your WhatsApp contacts/groups which are not important? They are just eating up space on your device. Now, either you can delete the whole chat which will remove the complete conversation including important text messages and documents or select the images manually and then delete them from the chat.

This process is made simpler in iOS with the latest update.

Delete Certain Message Types From Specific WhatsApp Chats

Update WhatsApp to the latest version and follow the steps shared below.

1. Open WhatsApp and select Settings tab.

2. Now, select Data and Storage Usage.

3. Under Data and Storage Usage select on Storage Usage.

Delete Certain Message Types From Specific Chats on WhatsApp

4. Now select the desired contact/group conversation from where you wish to delete messages.

5. On the next screen, you will see details for certain message types like Text, Images, Gifs, Videos etc. Scroll down and select Clear Chat at the bottom of the screen.

6. This is the best part of the feature, the whole chat is not deleted. You will get an option to delete specific message types. In my case, I only wanted to delete Photos and GIFs so I unchecked all the others.

Similarly, you can make the selection and uncheck the ones you don’t want to delete.

7. Finally, tap on Clear at the bottom.

Delete Only Photos or Videos from Specific WhatsApp Chats Groups

This is a useful addition to WhatsApp for iOS. It allows deleting only photos, videos or GIF’s on WhatsApp in a jiffy.

Now, there is no need to manually select photos in order to erase them. We hope that you will like this new WhatsApp feature.

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