How to Clear Documents and Data for Twitter iOS App

Twitter rolled out quite a handy update for their iOS app with version 6.73.1. iPhone/iPad users who are always struggling with storage space on their iOS device are going to love this update. As Twitter provides a setting inside their iOS app wherein you can view how much space cached data like images, GIF’s, web pages, cookies etc. are using. And guess what it is also possible to delete Twitter cached data on iPhone/iPad app. This feature allows users to delete Documents and Data for Twitter on iPhone/iPad without deleting or uninstalling the app.

Delete Documents and Data for Twitter iPhone App

Documents and Data for any iOS app contain the data which is cached while using the app. It includes photos, cookies, web pages and more to provide a smooth and swift browsing experience. But with time the cached data takes up a large chunk of space on an iOS device. The app whose size is 100 MB might show storage space as 500 MB because of the cached data.

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To your delight, after grabbing the latest Twitter app you no longer have to bear with its cached data. As you can delete Twitter cached data easily. Here’s how.

Delete Twitter Cached Data on iPhone/iPad App

Update the Twitter app to the latest version to make use of this feature.

1. Once you have the latest app, open Twitter.

2. Go to your profile screen by tapping on the Me tab.

3. On you profile, tap on the cog icon and select Settings.

Delete Documents and data on Twitter iOS App

4. Under Settings, select Data usage.

Delete Documents and Data for Twitter iOS App

Under Data usage, there is a new section STORAGE included as shown below.

Latest Storage Setting Twitter iOS app

5. Tap on Media Storage followed by Clear media storage twice.  This will delete photos, GIF’s and Vines cached in your Twitter app.

Delete Twitter Cached Data on iPhone/iPad app

6. Now, head back to Data usage screen and select Web storage. Select Clear web page storage twice. This will clear cached web pages, cookies, and other web storage.

Delete Cached Data from Twitter iOS app

You may use Clear all web storage option.

Note: If you are using multiple Twitter accounts on the same app then doing it once from any account will take care of all the accounts. In other words, it means that this setting is on App level and not account level.

After you delete Twitter cached data, head over to Settings app > General > Storage & iCloud usage > Manage Storage and look at the storage usage of the Twitter app. It should be almost same as the size of the app.

This nifty feature is worth having for iOS users and even more for those who are having 16 GB version of iPhone.

If you wish to clear more space on iPhone without deleting anything then I recommend you to use iMyFone Umate Pro software.

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We hope you will enjoy this Twitter update. Do you want this sort of feature for other iOS apps? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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