Koogeek VIP Club Program
Koogeek VIP Club Program
Get 50% Exclusive OFF And Test Pre-Release Products

Koogeek VIP Club Program: Get 50% Exclusive OFF And More

Koogeek is a home automation products manufacturing company that has some cool smart gadgets. With smart devices like Smart Bulb and Smart Switch, it allows for rich and comfortable home experience. There’s some good news if you want to get your hands on their products. Koogeek has launched a VIP Club Program which gives you access to large discounts and more.

Koogeek VIP Club Program

Koogeek VIP Club Program

The company has come up with this program to engage with the community and understand how they can improve their products. This will help Koogeek in getting the right feedback which will make their gadgets better.


Before anything else let’s look at the advantages of being a member of VIP program.

1. Get healthy discounts on their products (right now 50% Discount). And it’s not for a limited time like any other deal but it is for the lifetime.

2. Try out newly launched gadgets.

3. Test products before they are released.

Amazing! Isn’t it? Here’s how you can become a VIP user.

How To Become A VIP Member?

You can apply for the VIP Program from their official site using the button below.

Koogeek - Become A VIP Member

They have the option to apply there. After you have submitted your details, your application will go under review. There are more chances of getting approved if you have ordered Koogeek products earlier from Amazon. If so, don’t forget to provide the order details while registering for the program.

Currently, users from only the following countries can apply for this program.

US, UK, CA, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Japan.

Once you become a VIP member, you will receive discount coupons for the gadgets and you will have to provide an honest feedback/review of the same within a week’s time. If you fail to do so in the stated timeframe then your feedback won’t be considered and also you will harm your chances of getting approved for future Koogeek programs.

So, go ahead and register for the program now and enjoy the benefits forever.