dododcool vip club program
dodocool VIP Club
50% Exclusive Discounts And Other Benefits

dodocool VIP Club: 50% Exclusive Discounts And Other Benefits

I have been enjoying dodocool products for almost a year now. And if you too like their smartphone accessories, earphones, Bluetooth speakers and headphones then you are in for a treat. dodocool has launched their VIP Club Program which comes with great benefits.

dodocool VIP Club Program Benefits

The program aims to get the genuine feedback from the users so that they can improve their products. Now, it’s not only dodocool that is benefitting here as you can enjoy the following benefits.

1. The members of dodocool VIP Club will get access to exclusive 50% Discounts on all products at any time.

2. VIP Club users will get the pre-released gadgets for testing. This way they can provide their honest review and dodocool can take action on it if required. A win-win situation.

3. Promotions and deals will first get to VIP members.

If you want to become a VIP member then Apply on their official website. Use the button below to go to their VIP Club program page.

dodocool - Become A VIP Member

After you have applied, your application will be reviewed. You have got an upper hand if you have already purchased dodocool products. You can enter your order number while applying for the program if you have purchased dodocool gadgets earlier.

For now, the VIP Club Program is only open for limited countries. These include – US, CA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and Spain. It is expected that it will come to other countries as well in near future.

With all these advantages as a VIP user you also have a responsibility. You are required to test the gadget and provide a comprehensive and honest review of the same within 7 days of receiving the coupon. In case you fail to do so, you will not be able to submit your review and also your chances to get more dodocool products in the future will take a fall. So, be careful!