DA84 Mini Speaker: Carry Them Anywhere You Like

Are you a music lover? On top of that, you are more inclined to listen to loud music which of course is not possible from the in-built speakers of smartphones, iPods or computers. If that is the case then in this article we have covered an awesome portable Bluetooth speaker which you might want to consider. The speaker is from dodocool which mainly deals in phone accessories and chargers. The wireless speaker doesn’t only allow you to listen to music but also packs a lot of other features. So, without any further ado let’s get to the Dodocool mini Bluetooth speaker review.

dodocool DA84 Mini Speaker

Box Contents

As they are portable speakers so don’t expect a large-sized package. It may be small in size but not in the features it offers.

Dodocool Portable Wireless speakers box contents

It’s a nicely organized little box which contains the following.

  • Speaker
  • Micro-USB Cable for charging
  • Carrying Cord
  • Instruction Manual

 Key Features

1. Portable

Dodocool Mini Wireless Speakers review

Personally, I am fond of listening to music all the time but I cannot carry the big speakers everywhere. These mini speakers allow me to take them anywhere. Loud and quality music is just a tap away with Dodocool mini speakers.

It is cylindrical in shape and fits into the palm of your hand. So, you can imagine how portable they are.

2. Good Sound Quality

They are small in size but big on sound. The sound quality is good enough for speakers of that size. Don’t expect bass from them.

3. Answer Incoming Calls

As I said earlier it offers multiple features apart from just music. If you get a call there’s no need to reach out to your smartphone instead you can receive the call by pressing the multi-function button at the bottom of the speaker.

It has a built-microphone so you can easily talk using them if privacy is not a concern.

4. Take Selfie

With the same button on the speakers, you can click selfies when the speakers are connected to your smartphone. If you face any issues while doing this try refreshing the connection.

5. Battery Backup

When fully charged it lasts for around 2-4 hours while playing music. In my case, it gets completely charged in an hour but they mention it takes up to 3 hours to fully charge it.

It is possible to stream music while charging the speakers.

6. Compatibility

If you have Bluetooth on your phone then it is highly likely that the speakers are compatible with your device.

They are even compatible with iOS batteries widget. It helps in keeping an eye on the battery level of the speakers.

Dodocool speaker compatibility


They are available for USD 19.99 on Amazon and if you’re lucky there might be a discount.

Buy on Amazon


There aren’t too many options here. The speakers are available in only two colors – Black and White.

It is now time for Pros and Cons.


1. They are not portable but ultra-portable.

2. Good build-quality and sound.

3. Reasonable pricing.


1. The keyboard on the smartphone(iOS and Android) will not work when the speaker is connected.

2. I would like to improve in these incredible speakers is the playtime. It is only 2 hours what I got.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for speakers that you can take anywhere with you then Dodocool speakers are the right choice for you. Being extremely portable, good sound quality and a couple of useful features make them a great option. What do you think?

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