DA163 Gaming Headset: Good One At Unbelievable Price

Every gamer knows the tools required to have awesome gameplay and Headphones is one of them. It gives an experience like you really are in the game and also enhances the performance. Communication with other players is very crucial for games which require teamwork and strategy. A good headset is what one requires to have the perfect experience for a game. So, here we are going to review dodocool Gaming Headset for all the hardcore gamers out there.

Inside The Box

This Headset comes in a cardboard box which contains:

  • One dodocool DA163 Headset
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Registration Card

dodocool DA163 Unboxing

Key Features

  • Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Premium Build
  • Noise Isolation Technology
  • Impressive LED lights
  • Built-in-microphone

Design and Build

We came across a few products from dodocool earlier and I can say that they never compromise on the quality of their product. Same is with these headphones. Well speaking of the design, it really looks like they are made for gaming and the red and black color combination looks awesome. The headband is made of steel which is really good for its durability and flexibility. There is an adjustable head strap made of faux-leather which is really great as it allows to fit the headset on every head shape and size perfectly.

dodocool Gaming Headphones head band

It is an over the ear headset so it has soft cushion padding for ears which makes them easy to wear little longer than usual. Ther outer part of the earcups is made of ABS plastic. The headset weights approx 395g and has a 2.2-meter long rubber coated cable which looks very cool and long-lasting. The volume rocker is on the right earcup of the headset and it’s easy to reach. There is a small opening on the same side of the headset for the built-in microphone.

dodocool DA163 Headphones build quality

On both sides of the earcup, there is a cool design and branding. That’s where the LED lights are and it looks cooler when it lights up as you can see the logo of the headset lighting. The lights will turn on as soon as it detects an output or connection and will light according to the music and flicker on bass.

dodocool Gaming Headsets Design


The headset features a USB  2.0 type-A connector through its cable. It is compatible with mostly all of the PCs whether it’s Windows or Mac and PS4 via its USB cable.

Sound And Audio Quality

I used these headsets in all possible ways that I could. I played a few games like Road Redemption, Counterstrike and listened to music which I always do whenever I get new headphones. Honestly according to me the sound experience while gaming is good. The voice clarity is ok and you can easily differentiate between sounds. The outer noises were really reduced making me only focused on the game while playing.

dodocool DA163 review

Same goes for music, In medium or low volume the treble and bass are perfect but as you increase the volume treble becomes too high for some songs. You can feel the bass for songs which are of high bass on your skull which is really good.

dodocool DA163 Features

Mic audio is not that great but for this price and build, they seem pretty legit. For more better listening experience, you can download its driver under the Specs option on their website.


The headsets are lightweight which is really a good thing as while gaming headsets are on for a long time. You will feel no extra weight on your head. The earcups cushions were great and really comfortable to have on.


The price of these headsets is really less compared to other headphones with the same features and quality. You can buy it on Amazon at a price of $29.99.

Buy on Amazon


  • Lightweight
  • Built-in microphones
  • Amazing LED effects
  •  Nice sound output


  • Only USB connectivity
  • No Left and Right markings

DA163 Headphones: Are They Worth For Gaming?

If you are a gamer then you must know its difficult to find a decent gaming headphone under the price range of $30. There are many cheap headphones that you can buy but it will not deliver what gaming audio output needs. But the dodocool DA163 Stands out of all of the headphones in this range.

dodocool Gaming Headphones Design

With this quality and specifications, it’s a must go for every gamer. The one thing that I like about this is its inbuilt microphone. Most of the headphones have an extension for a microphone which sometimes makes it hard to keep or it can even distract while playing. Though they are adjustable, having nothing and still giving the same performance is much better.

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