DA149 Wireless Speaker: Cool Design With Average Sound

Multiple types of portable speakers are available in the market nowadays. But only a few of them do the justice with your love for music and sound quality you want for that. Sometimes, It is difficult to get a fair deal in return for your money. So, here is in this article we will cover an impressive wireless Bluetooth speaker from dodocool which is portable in all sense.

dodocool DA149 Wireless Speaker

Package Contents

dodocool Wireless portable speaker unboxing

Its nicely packaged box contains the following:

  • dodocool wireless speaker
  • Charging cable
  • Speaker stand
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty registration card

Key Features

1. Attractive Design

dodocool Wireless Speakers

dodocool bluetooth speaker stand

The most special thing that makes this speaker different from others is its amazing design. It is like a 3D rhombus, unlike other speakers which are mostly cylindrical or box-shaped. It has a 3 minimal volume and play/stop button at the bottom and a dodocool logo above the center.

The speaker is available in two colors – black and red.

2. High-quality Audio

Sound quality and volume of this speaker are surely better than other speakers of the same size. You can feel the music with good bass and all the beats that it plays along.

So, listening high-resolution sounds and watching HD videos experience will be enhanced when played with this device.

3. Multi Audio Source

back of dodocool bluetooth speaker

Music can be played on this device whichever way you prefer.

You can connect and play via Bluetooth. It also has 3.5mm jack for AUX so it is not only wireless. Your favorite playlist can be played by inserting your memory card in the dedicated slot. Then there is a USB port which allows you to play audios using your pen drive.

4.  Battery Back-up

It has a 2000mAh lithium battery with an impressive battery backup of 7 hours and the standby time is 30 days. The battery can be charged by the micro USB cable and it takes 4 hours to fully charge it.

5. Hands-Free For Receiving Calls

You don’t have to disconnect the speaker if you need to attend a call. With the help of the built-in microphone, you will be able to take the call on the speaker itself.

6. Compatible And Easy To Use

It is compatible with and easily connected to almost all Bluetooth devices. Its range of connection is 33ft long and when switched on, it connects automatically to the device that was last used with it.

Now, that we know all the features of the speaker, so its time to analyze its pros and cons which will help you to reach a better decision.


  • Portability is its biggest pro because it offers an amazing sound in a relatively small size which can be easily carried to anywhere.
  • Perfect design and looks.
  • Long lasting battery up to 7 hours.
  • Good quality sound at a reasonable price.


  • It takes 4 hours to charge fully which is too long in the era of fast charging gadgets.
  • If it is connected to any device via Aux, the volume and play/stop buttons doesn’t function.

Final Say

A cool design, good battery back-up and amazing sound quality are the things you can take away from this. It will easily fit into any backpack of yours. I think it won’t be easy to find any other device with these many features at a rational price of USD 59.99. You can use the button below to see the speakers on Amazon.

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