DA144 In-Ear Earphones: Waterproofing Could Have Been Better

Apart from good shoes and running app, music is something I rely upon heavily while I am out for a run. If you too are someone with the same music addiction then you should definitely check out this review of stylish wireless in-ear earphones from dodocool. dodocool also offers another earphone that is not wireless which we reviewed earlier. I have used them for running as well but if you’re looking to go wireless then continue reading.

Being a runner I can tell you one thing and I am sure most of the runners out there will understand what I feel.

To listen to the songs played by the music player you sure as hell need a good pair of earphones. And that’s exactly what dodocool wireless stereo in-ear earphones have to offer. Not only running but these sports earphones are perfectly suited for outdoor activities and training at the gym.

So, without any further chatter let’s dive right into the review.

 Wireless Sports Earphones


dodocool wireless sports earphones review

Similar to their other products, the earphones are neatly packed in a cardboard box. Here’s everything you will find inside it.

  • 1 hard case for carrying the earphones
  • Pair of Wireless Stereo Earphones.
  • Micro-USB to charge the earphones.
  • A pair of large size earplugs.
  • 1 pair of small size earplugs.
  • Instruction manual.


1. Supreme Sound Quality

These earphones offer noise cancellation and what better than using the latest CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology to do that. It uses the microphone to the pickup the incoming and ambient sounds and then uses inverse waves to cancel out the ambient noise.

This allows you to enjoy good and clear sound while listening to music or during calls.

2. Wireless

Being wireless, the worries of wires getting tangles is put to rest. It gives you the freedom to move freely while enjoying your favorite music.

3. Ear Hooks

I sweat a lot and most of the earphones tend to fall off from my ears. But the adjustable ear hooks makes earphones fit perfectly in the ears. Depending on your ear size it is possible to move the hook around to get the right fit.

4. Microphone

The earphone comes with a microphone that can be used for phone calls. The sound is crystal clear and I didn’t face any issues here.

5. Control Buttons & Highly Compatible

dodocool wireless earphones
Multi-Control Buttons

When connected to the smartphone you can perform a lot of functions from the earphones itself. These include switching to next song or going back to previous one, play/pause, increase/decrease volume and answer/reject/end calls.

It also supports Siri commands and is also compatible with iOS batteries widget. It comes in handy to keep a tab on the battery level of the earphones at all times.

iOS battery widget showing dodocool earphones

So, you don’t have to physically get to your phone to take care of the basic operations.

6. Playing Time

When fully-charged the earphones offer playing time of 6 hours. It shuts down automatically when left idle for more than 5 minutes, hence saving battery.

There’s LED indicator on each earphone that informs you about the charging status and connection.

The light is Red when charging and becomes blue when earphones are completely charged. The blue light blinks very quickly when looking for connections and it slows down when connected.

Colors: The earphones are only available in black color.

How To Connect The Earphones To Smartphone?

There are 3 buttons on each earphone. On any one of the earphone long press, the middle button has a play sign on it. Keep it pressed until you hear the message “Pairing“. It will come after “Power On“. Now, release the button and turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone.

Connect to the device with the name dodocool-DA144. You should hear “Connected” in a matter of few seconds on the earphone.

Now, long press the middle button on the second earphone and release the button after it’s turned on. Within a moment, the second earphone will also be connected.


1. Highly comfortable – For a person like me who sweats heavily the earphones never lost the grip.

2. Waterproof – The earphones are sweat resistant and can also resist water if splashed from any direction.

3.  You can enjoy strong bass with these sports earphones.


1. Battery backup or playing time is on the lower side.

2. A bit expensive. At the time of writing, they are priced at $36.99 on Amazon.

3. Not a good water resistant earphone.

Final Thoughts

With the adjustable hooks and great sound quality, it guarantees that you have an awesome run or an enjoyable training session.  You can buy it on Amazon using the button below.

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