DA 164 Magnetic Earphones: What Else Than Wooden And Magnet?

We are up again with the review of another Bluetooth earphone. Wireless Bluetooth earphones are so much ahead of usual ones in terms of convenience. You don’t have to stick with your phone, laptop or any other device and you can move around the room while tripping on your favorite track. While traveling, you can keep the device inside your bag safely and listen to podcasts, music etc.

As these earphones are trending now, many brands are rolling out a new model now and then. It’s not easy to get the best deal for your money. If you have planned to go for one, you definitely need this article. Here is dodocool DA164 earphones review where we have mentioned its features and specifications in detail. We will also tell you the negative and the positive things you will take away from this deal.

dodocool DA164 Magnetic Earphones

Package Contents

dodocool DA164 earphones

Here is all you will get inside the package.

  • 1 dodocool magnetic Bluetooth earphone.
  • 1 USB cable to charge
  • 2 extra pair of small and large size earplugs.
  • 2 extra pair of shark fins
  • 2 clips – one for adjusting the length of the earphone cable and another for attaching the earphone to your shirt.
  • 1 small pouch
  • User manual

Features And Other Key Points

1. Design And Looks

dodocool has really focused on the looks of this earphone. The wooden finish on the earpieces looks elegant. They are chained with a wire that is short enough to ensure that it will never tangle in your pocket.

The earpieces have the inbuilt magnet that can attach them when kept close. While you are not using them, you can carry the earphone around without the fear of losing them.

dodocool Wireless Magnetic earphones

The earphones fit so well that even when I jumped and shook my head they were still in my ears. I tried doing that after taking out the earphone shark fins which I always do, the earphones were still stuck. So, they are good to go while running and exercising.

2. Sound Quality

The earphone supports aptX wireless transmission which is used by the latest wireless audio devices to ensure seamless audio like a wired connection. The dynamic driver unit of the earphones has built-in ultra-thin titanium diaphragm for high-fidelity stereo sound quality.

Amazingly, it also comes with CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology. So, you can enjoy your music or take calls without facing any disturbance from outside.

DA164 dodocool bluetooth earphones review

3. Connectivity

Now you already know that this is a Bluetooth earphone. It works with all the devices that support Bluetooth. To establish a connection, you need to press the multifunction button as long as the indicator blinks red and blue light simultaneously. Once you connect a device, next time it will connect automatically as soon as you switch it on.

The range of Bluetooth is good but not the best. There is no problem with the sound when you are within 6-7 meters of your device. But the connection was interrupted when I went beyond that.

4. Wire And Control Panel

dodocool earphones review

As I told you that the earpieces are attached with a wire, it carries the control panel of the earphone on the right side near the right earpiece. That makes operating the earphone easy while using it. The control panel has two volume buttons and a multifunction button, a micro-USB port for charging, and the HD microphone.

5. Splashproof – IPX4

Do some heavy pushups or long distance running in summer and the sweat will do nothing to the earphones. The dodocool DA164 earphone has an IPX4 rating that ensures that it will be safe from the splashes from all directions.


You can buy them on Amazon for $12.99.

Buy on Amazon


  • Best for all types of sports.
  • Comfortable Wearing Experience.
  • Great value for money.
  • Best sound quality in this price range.


  • The Bluetooth range could be a little better.
  • 90mAh battery life is a disappointment.
  • Not a big issue but the indicators — LED and the beeps are a bit confusing.

Final Verdict

dodocool DA164 bluetooth earphones review

I did not find any big reason to reject these dodocool earphones except the battery life. Other than that, you can play your motivational playlist and do all exercises, running etc. without fighting with the wires as in normal earphones. Definitely, the price also can’t be the negative aspect of this product. I am surprised by the low price of this earphone and with that, they have not compromised with the sound quality.

Almost all budget earphones have the battery backup of 6 hours, which I think should change now. But keeping the comfort, convenience, sound quality, and the price in mind, it is tough to find a better deal than this one.

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