DA 156 Touch Sensitive Earphones: Control Music With Fingertips

Earlier we reviewed a set of stunning Wireless Earphones from dodocool. Here we are with yet another pair of dodocool Wireless In-Ear earphones but with additional technology. The earphones we are going to review in this article support Touch-sensitive controls. So, yeah you have music at your fingertips with dodocool Touch Sensitive Wireless Earphone.

When I first used this earphone, I was really impressed by its overall sound and build quality. I couldn’t stop myself from showing it off on my Instagram account.

These were the first earphones with touch I have used and it really has its advantages. So, let’s get into the details and start with the review.

dodocool Touch Sensitive Wireless Earphone

Box Contents

dodocool Touch sensitive earphone review

  • Similar to other earphones, these ones also come with a remarkable hard case which makes them easy and safe to carry anywhere.
  • 1 touch-sensitive earphone.
  • A pair of Small size earplugs.
  • 1 Large size earplugs.
  • 1 USB Cable to charge the earphones.
  • User Manual.

Key Features

dodocool Touch Sensitive Wireless Earphone

1. Touch-Sensitive

This is one of the main features and USP of these earphones. They have a touch-sensitive switch on the right side.

It supports the following operations.

  • Play/Pause Music – Single Touch
  • Answer/Decline/Hang Up  Call – Single Touch
  • Skip to Next Track –  Double Touch
  • Launch Siri or Assistant – Long-Touch

2.  Noise Cancellation

The earphone comes with a CVC 6.0 noise canceling technology that keeps the ambient sounds at bay giving you wonderful sound quality. It also has an HD microphone which provides for clear voice while on a call.

3. Wireless

You can connect these earphones with any device supporting Bluetooth. Once connected/paired, you can enjoy music seamlessly.

It is compatible with iOS batteries widget where you can see the battery level of the earphones.

dodocool Touch Sensitive Earphones battery level

4. Waterproof

It has an IPX5 rating. This means that the earphones can resist a splash of water. Not fully waterproof, after all!

5. Comfortable & Perfect Fit

The ear hooks make sure that the earphones stay in place even when you are moving or doing physical activities with a lot of movements involved.


  • Long battery backup – On a full charge, it works for 8-10 hours while playing music.
  • Touch Controls – Using touch gesture is a lot convenient when compared to pressing buttons.
  • Powerful sound.
  • You can use them while doing sports activities without any issues (Just take care you don’t sweat a lot).


  • The power button on the earphone is fragile and you need to handle it with utmost care.
  • No controls for adjusting the volume on the earphone.
  • Touch Controls can be irritating at times when you come in contact with the touch switch mistakenly.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to get something new in an earphone then these noise-canceling earphone is a good choice. You can get them on Amazon at a price tag of $27.99. Not only they provide high sound quality but also come with touch-sensitive controls.

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