How to Create and Set Custom Vibration on iPhone for All or Certain Contacts

Last Updated: April 16, 2017

Vibration mode is a great way to get notified of a call or a message without disturbing anyone near you. But the vibration itself cannot be helpful in figuring out who is calling you. For that, Apple provides an option to set different vibration pattern for certain contacts on iPhone in iOS 10. There are a handful of inbuilt vibration patterns from which you can choose. If for some reason you don’t like them you can create your own vibration patterns. In this tutorial, we let you know how to create custom vibration on iPhone and use it for all contacts or specific ones. So, let us get on with it.

Create Custom Vibration on iPhone

Create Custom Vibration on iPhone

1. Open Settings app and select Sounds.

2. In Sounds screen, tap on Ringtone under Sounds and Vibration Patterns.

iOS Ringtone Settings

3. Next, select Vibration at the top.

4. Under Vibration, tap on Create New Vibration in Custom which you can find below the Standard section where all the vibration patterns provided by iOS are listed.

Create Custom Vibration on iPhone

5. Now, you will see gray space, tap on it multiple times to create a vibration pattern and select Stop at the bottom right.

Tap on Play, to preview the vibration and get the feel of it. In case you didn’t quite like the vibration then create it again by tapping on Record at the bottom right.

Create Custom Vibration on iPhone

6. Once you are satisfied with the vibration pattern, tap on Save at the top right.

7. Give the custom vibration desired name and select Save.

Save Custom Vibration iOS

With this, you have successfully created your first custom vibration. Similarly, using the above steps you can create as many custom vibration you want.

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Set Custom Vibration for All Contacts on iOS

As soon as you save a new custom vibration it will be set as a default Vibration pattern.

Custom Vibration Set for all Contacts iOS

All the vibrations you create will be listed under Custom in Vibration screen. You can select the desired vibration to set it as a default vibration for all the contacts.

Set Custom Vibration for Certain Contacts in iPhone

This setting is handy to identify the caller by feeling the vibration without taking out the iPhone from your pocket.

To set a custom vibration for a specific contact follows the steps mentioned below.

1. Open Phone app and select that particular contact.

2. On the Contact screen tap on Edit at the top right.

3. Next, select Ringtone.

Change Custom Vibration for Certain Contact on iPhone

4. Under Ringtone, select Vibration.

5. Now, under Custom section select the desired vibration you created to set for this contact.

Set Custom Vibration for Specific Contact on iPhone

Next time you get a call from this contact, you will get the custom vibration while for other contacts the vibration pattern will be the one selected in the method above.

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 Delete Custom Vibration on iPhone

If at some point you pile up a lot of custom vibrations which you are not even using then you can remove them.

Go to the Vibration screen and swipe left on the desired custom vibration.

Select Delete and the custom vibration will be gone for good.

Delete Custom Vibration on iPhone

So, this was all about custom vibration on iPhone. We hope that you were able to create custom vibration and set it for all or certain contacts on your iPhone. If you found this content helpful then please share it on social media.


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