How to Create Poll on Instagram Stories Using Latest Sticker

Instagram Stories has now crossed 250 million users and all this popularity is because of the good work they have put in. Every now and again they come up with useful and unique features. This time it is the ability to make a poll which was missing until now on Instagram. With the latest update, there’s a new sticker that lets you create poll on Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories is a great way to share daily moments without cluttering your feed. If you use it for promoting your business or brand then they are even better. With location and hashtags stories it is possible to reach out to potential users. And now, you can use them to get quick feedback for your next product or a new addition to an existing one. Here’s how you can go about making a poll on an Instagram story to get feedback for almost everything and anything.

Create Poll on Instagram Stories

Update the app to the latest version from the respective app stores. The feature is rolled out for both Android and iOS.

  • Open the Instagram app after it is updated.
  • Tap on the Camera icon at the top left or swipe right on the news feed to go the Instagram Camera. If it’s your first story then you can even tap on your story avatar at the top of the news feed.

Instagram Camera screen

  •  Capture a snap relevant to your poll or it can even be a blank picture. You can even upload a picture from Gallery or Camera roll if desired.
  • Now, tap on the sticker icon at the top. If you are on the latest version of the app then you should see a new Poll sticker. Tap on it.

Make a poll on Instagram Story

  • The sticker will be added to the photo or video in the story. Place it at the desired location. You can type the question for a poll and the choices below it.

Create Poll on Instagram Stories

  • Finally, tap on Next and select Your Story to post the poll.

That’s all you need to do. The only limitation I found is that it’s not possible to add more than 2 choices for the survey.

The method to view the results of the poll is similar to how you see who viewed your story. Swiping up on the story will show you the viewers and voters in separate sections. The votes for the individual choice will be shown at the top. An important thing to note is that unlike Snapchat polls, Instagram polls are not anonymous and you will be able to see who voted for which choice.

View Instagram Poll Results

Polls are going to help users get a quick opinion about their next t-shirt to almost anything at all. What do you think about the latest Poll sticker? Are you going to try it? Let us know in the comments.


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