How to Create Poll on Facebook Page, Group or Timeline

Polls are a great way to get your users opinion about what they are interested in. If you are planning for an event, giveaway, offer, deal or e-book then creating a poll on your Facebook page or group makes sense. It will go a long way in collecting users feedback and in that way you are getting it directly from the people whom you are creating an offer for. So, yes Poll does go a long way in contributing towards a successful campaign. If you are interested in creating one then follow this tutorial to create poll on Facebook page or group.

The procedure for creating a poll on Facebook page and group is different. Let’s start with the steps for a page you own.

Create Poll on Facebook Page or Timeline

1. Go to the poll app page using the following link.

2. Click on Get Started Now. Enter a Title for your poll and click on Continue.

Facebook poll app

On the next dialog box, tap on Continue as [username] to allow the app to access your Facebook account information.

Setup Facebook poll

3. Now, you can add a question for the poll. Click on Add Question button.

Add questions to poll on Facebook

4. On the new window, type desired question.  Under Question Type, you can select options like multiple or single answer poll.

Create Poll on Facebook page

5. Fill in the options and click on Save.

6. Next, click on Preview button.

Create a poll on Facebook page or timeline

7. The preview will let you know that there will be an ad appearing on top of the poll. The same screen will also have options to go back and edit poll question or options. If you are happy you can go ahead and click on Publish button at the top right.

Create Poll on Facebook page or Timeline

8. If you want you can change the thumbnail for the poll by either selecting the existing images or uploading a new one. It is possible to post the poll on your Facebook page or personal timeline.

To post on Facebook page the app will ask you to upgrade to the premium version. An easy workaround to do that without upgrading is copying the poll link(Share URL) and manually pasting it on your page’s timeline.

Make a poll on Facebook business page

For posting on your personal account you can directly click on Post on Timeline.

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Create a Poll on Facebook Group

For groups, the process is quite simple and straightforward compared to page/personal timeline.

1. Visit the group timeline of which you are a member or admin.

2. Click on the status box. One of the options you should see is Poll. Click on it.

Create poll on Facebook group

3. Type your question in the status box. And add the options below it.

4. Click on Poll Options to adjust them according to your requirement. In this case, I will uncheck both choose multiple options and Allow anyone to add options.

How to Create a poll on Facebook group

5. Finally, click on Post and you’re done.

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These were different ways you can create a poll on a Facebook business page, timeline or group. Go ahead and make your first poll on Facebook and let us know how it goes in the comments.


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