How to Create PDF From Web Pages on iPhone/iPad With iOS 11

Last Updated: November 8, 2017

PDF is a widely used format for sharing files and documents because of its independency. For the same reason, Apple has now rolled out an easy option to convert web pages to PDF from your iOS device with iOS 11. After the PDF is created you can either save it on iCloud or share it with others. Previously, it was possible to save web pages as PDF on iOS but the process was obscure. It still works in iOS 11 and you can use it to create PDF from iPhone photos as the new feature doesn’t work for pictures. But you are better off using the latest option to create PDF from web pages on iPhone with iOS 11.

Here’s how you can make use of the latest option in iOS 11.

Create PDF From Web Pages on iPhone/iPad

1. Open Safari browser and navigate to the desired website.

2. Once you are there, tap on the 4 lines icon on the left of the address bar. Doing this will clear all the clutter from the webpage like ads etc.

Convert Web page to PDF iOS 11

3. Now, tap on the share icon at the bottom tab. Swipe left on the bottom row until you find Create PDF. Tap on it.

4. With this, the web page is converted to PDF. Next, tap on Done at the top left and select Save File To…

Save Web pages as PDF on iPhone with iOS 11

5. Select the location in the iCloud drive you would like to save the PDF and tap on Add at the top right.

You can also share the PDF directly without saving it if desired. To do that, tap on the Share icon at the bottom left when the PDF is created and select the sharing app like Mail, WhatsApp, Messenger etc.

Create PDF From Web Pages on iPhone

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This feature not only helps you share web pages as PDF files but also allows you to save the web pages for offline viewing. We hope that you will find this feature useful.

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